Governor DeSantis At Luke Bryan Concert

Days after being ignored by former President Donald Trump as he plans his 2024 comeback, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis made an unexpected cameo at Luke Bryan’s concert in Jacksonville. On Friday, Bryan visited Jacksonville, Florida as a stop on his “Raised Up Right” tour.

Hurricane Ian forced the country music icon to cancel three previously scheduled concerts in the Sunshine State; she subsequently rescheduled and changed venues. In contrast to the pomp usual of Byran’s performances, a video from Friday’s performance was released on social media and showed Bryan merely stepping onto the arena stage with the lights on and no music playing as the event began.

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Before inviting the governor of Florida onto the platform, Bryan then began speaking to the crowd about the tragic hurricane. DeSantis entered to shouts from the audience and threw hats into them before enquiring as to whether or not everyone was “happy to be in the free state of Florida.”

“The major hurricane that hit the state of Florida last month was difficult to deal with. It has harmed many people, “DeSantis stated on stage. He is up for reelection in November. “Show me another state that can reconstruct bridges in three days, even though I can tell you this. You won’t likely be able to find that.”

The audience continued to applaud and yell “USA” as the GOP governor urged everyone to cast a ballot. He then commended Bryan for his prior generosity, mentioning how he had given to his Florida Disaster Fund. Bryan responded by saying he intended to give even more.

Then Bryan disclosed that he would provide the foundation with every penny from his rescheduled performance in Estero, Florida.  “They had to take refuge in the venue where I was performing due to the hurricane. We were debating whether it was too soon to play or not, but Estero said, “Get your a** to Estero,” so we’re going to do a show,” Bryan added.

“So, what we’re going to do is donate a sizable chunk of the earnings from the event in Estero, Florida to everyone who bought tickets, kept the ticket and spent the money. That money will go to the beautiful state of Florida.

One month after Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida, the governor’s office reports that more than $50 million had been raised for the state’s disaster fund as of Friday. For Floridians without employment as a result of Hurricane Ian, the Department of Labor provided a National Dislocated Worker Grant of $30 million.

“Thanks Luke Bryan for letting me crash the party last night!” On Saturday, DeSantis posted on his social media platforms. While Bryan refrained from endorsing DeSantis directly when the governor urged concertgoers to cast ballots, the governor’s attendance nonetheless served as a high-profile opportunity for the governor, who is seen as a top GOP contender for the 2024 presidential election.

Trump, the only candidate to fare better than the governor in 2024 polls, is displeased with DeSantis’ ascension to the top Republican contender for the White House. As DeSantis emerged as a serious contender for the GOP nomination in the upcoming election cycle, the two men’s political partnership disintegrated.

These difficulties came to a head this week when Trump’s campaign revealed plans for a Marco Rubio rally during election week in Miami (R-FL). The statement did not mention DeSantis, and a Trump official at the time confirmed that the Florida governor would not be there.

The governor’s staff claimed that they were not notified about the event before it was announced, despite the fact that Trump and DeSantis’s aides downplayed reports of tensions between the two camps. Many people in DeSantis’s circle also claimed that the action was a deliberate snub, something Trump’s staff rejects.

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