Gotham Knights Release Date Status: When Will Be Officially Released?

The upcoming open-world game Gotham Knights claim to transport you to a “dynamic and interactive” version of the Gotham City of old. WB Montreal, the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins, is behind Gotham Knights, but the game doesn’t put players in the shoes of the Dark Knight himself.

Playing as the likes of Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood will be the norm instead of the exception in the game (Jason Todd). Playing as all of these heroes, utilizing their various talents and abilities to stop criminals across Gotham City’s five districts in Gotham Knights is a game that you can either play alone or with a friend in drop-in, or drop-out multiplayer.

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Gotham Knights are DC’s newest video game, and we’ve learned a lot about it so far.

Gotham Knights Plot

Bruce Wayne is killed in an explosion at the beginning of Gotham Knights. Before he died, Batman had intended to take over control of Gotham to other members of the Bat Family. As a result of Bruce’s devastation of the Bat Cave, the crew must now make do with the Belfry tower as a base of operations.

Even though the Gotham City Police Department had a negative relationship with Robin, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Nightwing following the death of former Commissioner Jim Gordon, they gathered to safeguard Gotham.

A significant role will be played by Gotham’s own secret society, The Court of Owls, as well. At the end of the clip, there appeared to be a large number of Talon assassins roaming the city, based on the rows of frozen containers.

Gotham Knights are situated in a separate continuity than Arkham Knight, so don’t be deceived into thinking it’s the same plot. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League(opens in new tab) is taking up the Arkham mantle in its place.

Is Batman truly gone? Patrick Redding, the show’s creative director, claims that Batman is indeed dead. We’ll see how that goes. There will only be one Riddler trophy in Gotham Knights, according to Redding; however, Harley Quinn may appear, while the Joker will not.

Gotham Knights Gameplay

The reveal trailer’s accompanying gameplay walkthrough gives a good idea of what to expect from its fighting. Some of the game’s stealth, some of Batgirl’s moves, and a boss encounter with Mr. Freeze can be seen. The ‘Villain Encounters,’ as they are called, are dynamic and change based on your current level.

Boss fights will not only have higher health totals and other numbers, but they will also be more difficult. As your character’s level rises, so will the kind of moves they employ in battle. There’s a lot of stuff to find, and you can customize your stats with a variety of items. Still, you’ll be able to customize the look of your character’s equipment.

As a single-player game or a two-player co-op, you can take on Gotham Knights. Gotham is also said to be open-world, with no higher-level opponents to impede your exploring. May 2022 saw the release of another gameplay demo, this time focusing on Nightwing and the Red Hood.

For example, although Red Hood prefers gunfights to acrobatic melee combat, Nightwing prefers to engage in both. In addition, after being resurrected by a cult of wizard assassins, Red Hood now has endless double jumps, allowing him to seemingly manipulate “soul energy.” Sure!

To conclude our look at crafting and equipment management, we see power scores and green arrows in action. When Nightwing uses AR bat-vision to examine some blood at a crime scene, we know for sure that it is, indeed, blood.

Gotham Knights Cast

As revealed by Patrick Redding, creative director of Gotham Knights, every character will have their own powers and ability trees. One of the more difficult components of creating Gotham Knights, according to Redding, was finding a way to make each character feel distinct enough for co-op.

Gotham Knights Cast
Gotham Knights Cast

Robin – Tim Drake

Tim Drake, the third person to bear the Robin title, is our Gotham City’s Robin in this chapter. Drake is the group’s youngest member, but he’s also the smartest and most accomplished detective.

Batgirl – Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon is a member of the Knights of the Round Table. GCPD Commissioner Jim Gordon’s daughter, she’s a tech prodigy with a strong background in karate.

  • Nightwing – Dick Grayson
  • Red Hood – Jason Todd

Gotham Knights Release Date

In 2022, Gotham Knights will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and PC. It will be released on October 25th. Warner Bros. revealed in March 2021 that Gotham Knights had been postponed until 2022, following its official announcement at DC Fandom in August 2020. We now know the exact date of October 25, 2022, which is October 25, 2022.

Players will get additional time to enjoy “the best possible gameplay,” Warner Bros. explained in its announcement of the game’s delay. “Thank you to all of Gotham Knights’ incredible fans for your continued support of the team. In the next months, we hope to unveil more of the game.”

Gotham Knights Trailer


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