Google is Testing Cheaper YouTube Premium Lite Subscription

Google is experimenting with a lower-cost premium subscription plan for YouTube, i.e., YouTube Premium Lite Subscription. The plan will offer ad-free viewing without other YouTube Premium features like offline downloads or background play.

The new Premium Lite plan was recently spotted, and YouTube later confirmed the test offered in a statement. Premium Lite is currently being tested in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

The Premium Lite plan means that users are not interested in offline or background downloads. They can enjoy YouTube videos across the web and mobile apps without being interrupted by ads.

A YouTube spokesperson said in a statement: “In the Nordic and Benelux countries (excluding Iceland). We are testing a new offering to give users more choices.

He added: The cost of the Premium Lite plan is about 6.99 euros per month or its local equivalent per month. It includes ad-free YouTube videos. In comparison, YouTube’s current Premium plan costs €11.99 per month in Europe.

Google is Testing YouTube Premium Lite Subscription

The Premium Lite plan includes ad-free viewing via the main YouTube app on the web, iOS, Android, smart TVs, and gaming platforms, as well as the YouTube Kids app.

YouTube Premium Lite Subscription

However, the plan does not include any YouTube Music benefits such as ad-free listening. It also does not include other Premium features. Like background playback (when you want to switch to another app and still listen to the audio from a YouTube video) or offline downloads. And speaking of people who don’t want to see the huge amount of YouTube ads and are not interested in other Premium features like offline downloads. Premium Lite seems like a helpful suggestion.

But at its current price, it costs about 60 percent of the regular premium subscription price while providing only about a quarter of its benefits. The Google-owned platform says the current subscription is in beta. And it’s considering rolling out more plans based on audience feedback.

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