Gigi Hadid Dating 2022: Is She Married to Zayn Malik? Are They Still Together?

Many of Gigi Hadid’s followers are curious as to whether or not she is still seeing Zayn Malik, hence the topic of her new boyfriend is presently trending. In 2022, the model, at 27 years old, was a single parent raising a toddler. Despite being together for six years, the couple never tied the knot due to Zayn’s conflict with Gigi’s mom.

American model and TV host Jelena Noura Gigi Hadid was born on April 23, 1995. In November of 2014, she made her debut on the Top 50 Models list. She was voted International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council in 2016. Hadid has graced the covers of 35 international issues of Vogue in the past four years.

The Los Angeles-born American beauty started her career as a child model for the clothing brand Baby Guess. She signed with IMG Models in 2013, making her first public appearance at New York Fashion Week the following year. Hadid is a brand ambassador for Maybelline and Reebok in addition to appearing in high fashion ads and editorials.

Gigi Hadid posted a photo to Instagram of Malik’s arms and legs, which are covered with tattoos that make him instantly recognizable. While he and his daughter Khai’s features are blurred out, Khai’s little hands and feet are visible as she reaches for her dad’s colouring stick.

It looks like they’re at home collaborating on a sketch on the carpet. So now many are wondering if they’re back together, while others are on the hunt for Hadid’s rumoured new beau. Find out who Gigi Hadid is dating in the year 2022 by reading on!

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Who is Gigi Hadid’s Ex-Boyfriend?

Since Gigi Hadid, like many famous people, prefers to keep her private life and romantic relationships under wraps, this page will be regularly updated to reflect any developments. There have been at least six men throughout Gigi Hadid’s life.

To our knowledge, Gigi Hadid is currently single. Gigi Hadid has dated several famous men, including Zayn Malik (2015–2018), Joe Jonas (2015), Cody Simpson (2013–2015), and Patrick Uretz (2015). (2011). Lewis Hamilton (2015) and Nick Jonas (2016) are reputed exes of Gigi Hadid (2012 – 2013).

What you read about Gigi Hadid’s alleged exes online may or may not be true. It’s not hard to learn who Gigi Hadid is dating, but it is difficult to keep up with all her relationships. It’s already difficult to keep track of everyone a celebrity has dated and their relationships.

Gigi Hadid Dating 2022

As of the year 2022, Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) is neither dating nor does she have a boyfriend. She is worried about her future as a model and is now single. Meanwhile, Gigi has resolved to give her undivided attention to co-parenting her daughter Khai. At the moment, she is single, and there is no sign of a new lover on her Instagram account.

A few years ago, the breakup of model Gigi Hadid, now 27, and artist Zayn Malik (@zayn) made headlines. Even though they were engaged to be married rumours, the couple split up in 2021. Malik’s plea of no contest to four counts of criminal harassment against Hadid and her mother has improved relations between the two co-parents.

In addition to their one-year-old daughter named Khai, the TV star and Malik also enjoy a great relationship with each other. They are attempting to maintain secrecy for Khai’s sake. They hit it off instantly and have been actively involved in one another’s lives for the past few weeks.

But on Father’s Day, Gigi wished her father, Mohammed, a happy day and paid tribute to her ex-boyfriend, Zayn, in an Instagram Story. There is presently no custody battle going on, and instead, Malik and Hadid are attempting to work things out as co-parents while Malik tries to prove to Hadid that he is a competent father.

Even though they dated for six years on and off, this split is the final chapter in their love story. Zayn and Gigi Hadid’s relationship terminated in an official breakup. Hadid’s top priority is working with Malik to improve their co-parenting skills.

The mother of Hadid, with whom Malik supposedly got into an argument that led to the criminal claims, was not happy with the situation. Even though they are no longer together, Zayn and Gigi are co-parenting their daughter.

Are Gigi And Zayn Still Together?

A relationship between Gigi Hadid and English musician Zayn Malik began in late 2015 and has since ended and been rekindled multiple times. Following speculation about her pregnancy, Hadid confirmed in April 2020 that she and ex-boyfriend Zayn were having their first child together, despite not being married at the time.

Are Gigi And Zayn Still Together 2022?
Are Gigi And Zayn Still Together in 2022?

They spend much of their time at the farm Hadid’s mother and younger sister also own in rural New Hope, Pennsylvania. The following year, after the singer’s reported quarrel with Gigi Hadid’s mom, Yolanda Hadid, became public, the couple ended their relationship. Zayn Malik was arrested following the alleged incident and charged with four charges of harassment, to which he pled no contest in October of 2021.

Malik, Gigi Hadid’s ex-boyfriend, has denied hitting the reality star and asked that Yolanda (@yalonda.hadid) rethink her false claims so that the family can work through their issues in privacy. The songwriter, meantime, was given a total of 360 days of probation, 90 days for each offence, and was ordered to complete an anger management course and a domestic violence program.

The relationship between Hadid and Australian pop sensation Cody Simpson, which had lasted on and off for over two years, ended in May 2015. The duo was frequently photographed holding hands or cuddling on social media and at red-carpet events.

There were rumours that Gigi Hadid and Lewis Hamilton were dating when they were spotted together at the Monaco Grand Prix with Hamilton’s arm around Hadid’s waist. Furthermore, the relationship lasted for only a brief time, yet it did occur. To a lesser extent, Gigi and Joe Jonas dated for almost five months before breaking up in November of the same year.

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