Genshin Impact Stormterror: Know How to Defeat Him

The creators of Genshin Impact are always trying to spice up the game with various quests and bosses. One such boss in the questline is Genshin Impact Stormterror, also known as Dvalin, a dragon-like beast capable of killing you in just a snap of a finger. This boss is one of the harder bosses that you will come across and is found in Mondstadt. He will always keep you on your toes and give you a hard time. Hence, you’ll need to be prepared to have one of your nightmares in this game come true as you fight against him and try to win.

Where to Find Genshin Impact Stormterror?

Stormterror Dvalin is not an easy boss to fight and definitely not an easy one to find. The first thing you need to do as a player is to raise your adventure rank to level 18. This is because Stormterror is from the main quests, and you will need his particular questline to get access to him.

Genshin Impact Stormterror

Once you have accomplished the goal of reaching level 18, Stormterror’s questline will begin. When this questline begins, a marker will appear on the map, which will show you the way to his lair. This lair looks a bit unusual. It is a huge temple surrounded by barriers so strong that you cannot easily go through them. So, buckle up to use your gliding and platform skills to get past these magical barriers. The surrounding wind currents will assist you in gliding to reach your final destination, i.e. the temple.

Now, you need to follow a few final steps before you come face to face with this powerful boss. First, pick up three crystals to activate a nearby switch. However, this is not the only switch you will be activating. There will be three more switches for you to activate throughout this area. Moreover, you must pick up three crystals for each switch’s activation and if you think this process will be easy, let us warn you. Each switch is surrounded by many enemies you will have to fight against to access the switch. Once you accomplish this, the barriers will drop, and you will get the chance to fight the mighty Stormterror. 

How to Defeat Genshin Impact Stormterror?

Being the most powerful boss in the game. In fact, before you even get to have a face-off with him, you will receive a warning that he is a level 26 boss. So, if you want to have a chance at winning this battle, we would advise you to have a party of level 26 or even higher.

Characters to take with you

Ranged characters will be your best option at having a chance to defeat Stormterror because he will usually fly around the arena while attacking. Also, to make this fight simpler, we would advise you to take a few specific characters along with you in this battle. All of them have been listed below:

Main Character- The Traveler has high damage attributes and a useful Anemo skill which is quite deadly. Overall, it is the best free character for this battle. 

Kaeya or any powerful cryo user-  Since Stormterror will often be on the move, it will be hard to cause him sufficient damage. However, opting for the character will allow you to free him and give him the elemental reaction damage needed to win.

Amber- Having Amber on your side of the party when going against Stormterror is one of the best things that will happen to you in Genshin Impact. Because Amber’s fire arrows are very effective to damage this boss from a distance. Furthermore, Stormterror will not stand a chance against you when Kaeya and Amber’s attacks are combined.

Fischl – With the help of Fischl’s electro-based attacks, you can break Stormterror’s shields.

Genshin Impact Stormterror

The first round of battle

The first phase is more of a warm-up where  Stormterror is basically just following a shoot ’em up style fight. In this phase, you will be using the main character, i.e. the traveller. You will first attack the crystals on the dragon’s back. 

Beware! Once the first crystal on his back is destroyed, he will start shooting numerous laser beams at you. A single beam is not very dangerous and will hardly cause any damage. However, if you aren’t careful and get hit by many laser beams, your health will deteriorate considerably.

During the first phase, you will notice Anemo crystals floating around. These anemo crystals need to be shot and destroyed, after which you will get a chance to pass through a ring that will provide you with an outstanding speed boost. Furthermore, if you manage to pass through five rings, you will get the chance to be close enough to Stormterror and destroy a crystal on his back.

Continue the above-mentioned process until all the crystals on the dragon’s back are destroyed. This is when the second phase of your battle against him will begin.

The second round of battle

The real battle has just begun as you now get a chance to choose your party members. Genshin Impact Stormterror will be in the centre of the arena, all ready to pounce at you. He will have a red bar representing his health and a grey bar which shall represent his armour.

He will have multiple attacks, which include:

Flying– Be alert at all times because he will fly off-screen and disappear from your sight. Then, he will pop up out of the blue towards the centre of your platform. You need to move immediately and save yourself from massive damage.

Genshin Impact Stormterror

Bite – This boss is not one of those who will stay back. He will actually bite the area that your character is standing on. 

Dragon Breath – The dragon tends to move his head back to one side of the platform and blow fire in opposite directions. You have two options to save yourself, either to run to the opposite side or use the wind currents to float above the fire attack’s area. If you do not manage to escape, the character will die due to fire.

Pulse Bomb – This attack is exactly like the name sounds. Stormterror will float in the air and simultaneously attack you with four pulsating bombs. Moreover, he will shoot two pulsating bombs together. 

Pulse Nuke – In this attack, you will observe many dark circles on the platform your character is standing on. Hurry up and move away from these rings immediately because the platform will explode in those spots. Furthermore, he has the ability to use Pulse Nuke along with other attacks ( Pulse Bomb and Dragon Breath).

Ultimate – If you thought all of those attacks were deadly, wait till he tries this one out. Stormterror will create a rain of energy to fall from the sky on the character’s platform. This will put the platform on fire, so you need to move to another platform quickly. Also, this blue fire has the ability to do 250 to 350 damage every few seconds meaning if you don’t get away from it, you will be dead.

Strategy to Defeat Genshin Impact Stormterror

If you wish to win this battle and defeat this powerful dragon, you must always stay alert and never miss a chance to attack him. We recommend you use ranged characters so that you can attack him from afar, even when he is flying. If you opt for good characters for melee fighting, wait for specific signs and signals to go close to him and attack. These include whenever Stormterror tries to bite or blow fire; he will be still for a few seconds. This will be your chance to get close to him and damage him as much as you can, especially through elemental reactions. One great way to damage his shield is by using the character Cryo to freeze him and then shoot with either fire or electric arrows.

Once Stormterror’s shield is massively damaged, you will get to observe a weak point on top of his head. This will be a signal for you to damage him as much you can through various methods. These methods include either firing at that weak spot from far away with the help of a bow or even use wind currents to climb up his back and attack using a sword. Remember that this is your one chance to give as much damage as possible before Stormterror starts attacking again. This time he will attack in a much more violent way than before. 

After the weak point disappears, he will fly away from your screen to regenerate his shield. Once he flies back on the scene, you will aim to keep destroying his shield and attacking the weak point like mentioned above until all his health finally goes down and he is defeated. Although we would like to remind you that as his health will deplete, he will bring on much better attacks such as the ultimate. This means that you need always to remain alert no matter how low your health goes.

Finally, Stormterror will be defeated, and the victory will be yours. You will get great loot as you win this battle.


Be prepared for the battle of a lifetime in Genshin Impact against Stormterror! Follow our guidelines, and hopefully, you will win.

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