Genshin Impact Pearl Galley: Learn How to Go to Pearl Galley

Genshin Impact Pearl Galley, the luxurious ship, that players can find floating on the shores of Liyue Harbor. The ship is used for the enjoyment of specially-invited guests; however, in reality, it is nothing more than a floating brothel and casino. In the game, to get a chance to enjoy the luxurious life, anyone can easily spot it around the southernmost point of Liyue. If you are also trying to figure out how to continue Zhongli’s questline, then, you aren’t alone.

Though Zhongli and Xinyan are now available in the game as a playable character, and the associated Story Quest is also available. Hence, with the launch of new quests, most of the fans are excited to find out what the fancy-looking ship is all about.

While trying to get on the Genshin Impact Pearl Galley ship, it takes you into the water, and if you aren’t careful, you’ll drown while trying to get there. Then, how to go to Pearl Galley? What is the best way to go to Pearl Galley in Genshin Impact? To know the answer to all your questions, continue reading.

Note:- Before starting, you must bear in mind that, getting on to the ship is a little bit awkward and confusing task for some players. Thus we suggest you pay attention while playing. Furthermore, there are two different ways to get to the Pearl Galley; we’ll elaborate both of them here. And later you are free to decide which one is the easiest for you.

How to Get to The Genshin Impact Pearl Galley?

Until today, if you haven’t been to the Genshin Impact Pearl Galley, then you’ll need to go there and unlock Pinghai back in Liyue Harbor by completing The Ocean Pearl questline. Upon reaching, try to search the large wooden ship parked there. (Check the image below to know the location on the map, in the southeast region of Liyue Harbor)

Genshin Impact Pearl Galley: Learn How to Go to Pearl Galley

Now climb the mast which is located in the middle of the boat and up to the top of the crow’s nest. It would be best if you continue climbing up the wooden pole until you reach the very top. After reaching, you must jump off and glide all the way toward Genshin Impact Pearl Galley.

There you’ll meet Zhongli, as he is already hanging there. To begin the story quest, you need to speak with him or walk in his vicinity.

If you aren’t good enough to climb up the steep places, then we have an alternative way which you can try. In this method, you need to freeze the water from the harbour all the way out to the big boat with Chongyun. Nevertheless, if you have a good collection of geoculus and anemoculus, then we believe that you should be comfortable in gliding on any character.

Freezing your way to reaching Genshin Impact Pearl Galley will take ages. Therefore, we suggest you use Kaeya’s Elemental Ability to turn the water into ice. Continue freezing the water until you’re close enough to swim the rest of the way without drowning.

Genshin Impact Pearl Galley: Learn How to Go to Pearl Galley

What to Do After Reaching Pearl Galley?

When you reach to the luxurious ship, you’ll be stopped by security and taken to Luoxia, the receptionist. Then, she will explain to you the whole process and tell you that you must have an invitation to hang out and speak with everyone on the ship.

Genshin Impact Pearl Galley: Learn How to Go to Pearl Galley

After all this, The Ocean Pearl questline will begin. And after a few backs and forth, you’ll be able to see your next objective, that will warp you back to Liyue Harbor to bring a letter to Chaoxi.

When you successfully delivery the letter to Cui’er, you’ll have the best time to hunt down three Qingxins. After killing all of them, head back to the ship and start a conversation with Luoaxia again. After a short conversation, she’ll take you to the Pinghai which is on the lower deck of the Pearl Galley. Talk to him to get some extra rewards and adventure points. After completing these quests, Pinghai will stay in Liyue Harbor. You can visit him anytime at the docks and request him whenever you want to go the pearl galley.

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