Gate Anime Season 3 is coming in 2021, or We Have To Wait For More?

Are you a Gate fan? If not, then you should watch the anime. But, because you’ll love the story, plot and anime, don’t you think this is all enough to become a fan? Youji is the most lovable character of them all. Two parts of the series got already aired, and people loved it very much, Armed forces of Japan, an intelligent hero, a princess, and a cunning villain, all these characters attracted the audience very much. However, after the huge success of the first two seasons, the fans are waiting for Gate Anime Season 3.

Let’s know more About the Series and the upcoming Gate Anime Season 3.

The Gate is a fantasy novel, a manga, and an anime series that originated in Japan. It is one of the most awaited series that ended in March 2016. 

The story follows a portal that opens in Japan, and soldiers along with monsters enter Tokyo, thus destroying the place. 

There are a total of 17 volumes released as per the data of 2020. The serialization of the manga took place in 2010. 

The anime got aired in 2015 and completed its second part in 2016.

It was just a single season that broke into two parts. For just understanding, it was seasons 1 and 2.

However, the fans are waiting for Gate Anime Season 3

What Is The Possible Release Date Of Gate Season 3?

It’s about five years since the release of part 2, and A1 Pictures hasn’t announced any release date yet. They have already hired the VFX of the previous two seasons. In 2017, Sentai Filmworks said that they are happy with the audience’s response. They hoped to finish the script of the series by the fall of the same year, but nothing happened. 

Many websites claimed that the series would return by 2019 or 2020, but zero response. There is a common trend that famous anime takes gaps between their seasons. We can only hope for the best about the release of the series.

What Could Be The Expected Plot Of The Anime Gate Season 3?

Before proceeding with the probable plot of the anime, we need to understand that its story is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The series is base on a JSDF (Japanese Self-Defense Forces) propaganda series, which could be the most probable reason for the delay of the series. 

The novel covers various arcs and storylines that can be continued in the next season. Zorzal got exiled, but he still wants to end Japan. He especially desires to take revenge on Youji. On the other hand, Youji hasn’t expressed his feelings for Tuka yet. Rory and Hardy’s angle was about to become interesting. 

We could watch a battle between Zorzal and the Japanese army. The series will be full of action, but we have no confirmation regarding anything now.

The third season might be base on Gate: Weigh Anchor novels.

The novel is ready after four years of the closure of the Gate anime. It is related to the journey of the Xenomorph homeworld that takes over the Special Region.

Is There Any Trailer Available For The Anime Gate Season 3?

There is no trailer or teaser available as such now. But we will update you about it soon.

Who Is Going To Be A Part Of Gate Season 3?

Many actors/actresses are playing their roles in the anime, but right now, only the main characters’ presence is confirmed in the third part, which includes:

  • Voice actor of Yoji Itami’s character is Junichi Suwabe.
  • Voice actor of Princess Pina Co Lada’s character is Haruka Tomatsu.
  • Hisako Kanemoto is behind Tuka Luna Marceau’s voice.
  • The voice actor of Lelei La Lelean’s character is Nao Toyama.
  • The voice actor of Rory Mercury’s character is Risa Taneda.


What is the rating of Gate Anime Season 3?

The Preceding part of the series gets Quite a good response from the critics and the audience. We will expect the same in the Gate 3 season 3 as well.

It scores 7.75 out of 10 ratings on My anime list.

It scores 7.5 out of 10 in the IMDB rating.

Who is Itami, and Why people loved him so much?

Youji Itami, the main protagonist of the show, is the favorite character of the series. He is a great fighter and detects danger before its arrival. In addition, he has considerable leadership skills and is very intelligent. Due to his presence, the Special Region could initiate conversations peacefully. 

Is the dark Goddess return in season 2?

Rory Mercury is the goddess of darkness, war, and death. She is the main character who is beneficial for the battle against the Special Region. She has superhuman strength and is immortal, having the ability to use hex-based spells too. Itami is her love interest. I think Itami and Rory both made a rocking entry in the next season. 


There is no news regarding the release date of Gate Season 3. However, fans are eagerly waiting for its release. 

Until the release, keep watching Gate!

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