FTN Bae Net Worth: A Reflection of Her Entrepreneurial Spirit

FTN Bae is a famous internet personality, especially on the TikTok video-sharing platform. FTN Bae, born in the United States but has since moved to South Korea, has amassed a significant fan base thanks to her hilarious videos. Her wealth has increased along with her fame, making her one of the wealthiest TikTok stars in the world. FTN Bae has amassed a considerable fortune as an influencer, which we’ll examine below.

FTN Bae Net Worth

By 2023, FTN Bae has amassed a fortune of $5 million. In all likelihood, she has amassed a vast fortune through her singing and modeling careers. Bae’s social media endorsements have brought in a significant sum as well.

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FTN Bae Career

Bae FTN began playing the piano at a young age. Earlier recordings were issued under the name Curly Red. She legally became known as FTN Bae in the first month of the new millennium. The 2021 release of Bae’s For The Streets single catapulted her to fame. After the release of subsequent singles, including “Mind Your Business,” “Our Little Secret,” “Cry No More,” and “I Need Love Too,” she amassed a massive fan base.

Curlyyred is Bae’s YouTube channel, where she posts music videos of her songs. On September 23, 2018, FTN released her first music video on the track, CurlyyRed Only Up From Here. Subsequently, on November 6, 2018, she released a new video titled Curlyyred Flexin. February 9, 2019, saw the release of her third video. It was titled Curlyyred On Sight.

On October 2, 2019, Bae released the music video for her single named Lay It Down. The video for the song has been seen over 73,000 times. She released the video for her song “Please Don’t Leave” on February 11, 2020. FTN released her most recent music video, Bitch You Gookin, on March 21, 2020. Around 13,000 people have watched the music video thus far.

She has also modeled for various labels in addition to her musical output. Similarly, you may see her in a lot of different music videos. In October 2021, Bae made headlines when she accused her then-boyfriend Doodie Lo of se*ually assaulting her 5-year-old son. Doodie then posted on Instagram in December 2021 that he was suing Bae for libel because of allegations the latter made against him.

FTN Bae Career
FTN Bae Career

Doodie added that Bae had recorded her son making the accusations multiple times. He also disclosed that Bae had used the tapes to mock him before she made one of her accusations public on October 27, 2021. However, Doodie alleged that Bae’s comments were inaccurate, defamatory, and harmful to his personal and professional reputation.

After a public fight with his ex-girlfriend, Doodie has recently been acquitted. He won his defamation claim and posted the good news on his official Instagram account, saying he received $11 million. The actual damages were only $5 million, but he asked for $10 million in punitive damages.

Doodie elaborated that the settlement from the lawsuit was $30 million, and he still has no idea when Bae will pay him the remaining money. The rapper said the verdict overjoyed him since he had always sought justice. Nevertheless, how long Bae will spend behind bars is unclear.

FTN Bae’s Boyfriend & Personal Life

The mother of Wesley, age 5, is FTN Bae. She has a boy, but she has no idea who his father is. Bae was detained on Valentine’s Day for allegedly harassing her ex-boyfriend, Doodie Lo, violating a restraining order. According to court records, she is accused of aggravated stalking and dating violence after violating a protective order.

Final Lines

Overall, FTN Bae has shown to be a prosperous influencer, capitalizing on her TikTok fame to amass a considerable fortune. Her fan base is only expected to grow over time, which should lead to a rise in her wealth.

But, it’s worth noting that FTN Bae’s success is due to more than just money; it’s also her ability to connect with her audience and give them engaging material to consume.

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