Found In A Boston Apartment Were The Remains Of Four Babies

Found In A Boston Apartment Were The Remains Of Four Babies: Police are now reporting that they discovered four deceased infants inside the South Boston home that earlier this month attracted a significant police presence and a wave of rumors.

The state Office of the Medical Examiner has conducted autopsies on two male and two female newborns seized from the apartment at 838 E. Broadway, according to a police update posted Monday night.

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This type of brief yet alarming missive has become a hallmark of this case. Little information was immediately available other than the fact that the investigation into this grisly mystery is still ongoing, according to the police, and the results of the autopsies are still pending.

A week and a half ago, police were called to the nine-unit ancient brick building in Southie’s peaceful and affluent City Point neighborhood after receiving accusations of many fetuses or infants being kept in a freezer.

The call resulted in swarms of police officers and the arrival of the news media. The following day, as homicide detectives now in possession of search warrants began to explore the property and cordon off the street next to it, they reported finding “more human remains.” 

However, that evening, Boston Police only confirmed the discovery of one fetus or infant. At least two infants looked to have been discovered in a freezer, a source informed the Herald at the time.

Nine condo units have been added to the structure. The home mentioned in the police report has been owned by the same woman since the early 1980s and is listed in city property records with a value in the $520,000 to $530,000 range, which seems low for posh Southie.

She is currently in her 60s, and no one from her family could be found for comment. Anyone with information is still being “strongly” urged by police to phone the homicide investigators at 617-343-4470.

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