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Flirty Dancing Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

Flirty Dancing Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

For those looking for love, Flirty Dancing celebrates singles who meet their soul mates through the art of dance. After learning a dance step by step, each contestant pairs up with a partner. In the most romantic way possible, they dance hand in hand and revel in every drop of happiness they can muster.

It is up to the pair to decide whether or not they want to proceed on dates at the end of the dance. If they’re unable to come up with anything, they can simply enjoy the music and the experience of dancing with someone they’ve never met before who is doing his or her best to mimic their actions.

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The audience was in awe of the participants’ natural and comfortable faces as they danced. What a sweet idea! After seeing a video of a pair dancing with perfect timing and expressions, the show went viral. After then, it was revealed that the US version of the show had been completed and was ready to air on FOX.

In total, there are six episodes in the series one season. Both Deborah Sargeant and Jilly Pearce serve as executive producers for the show, which is being produced by Second Star and All3Media. It is Jenna Dewan who serves as the show’s host and introduces the candidates to the audience. On December 29, 2019, the series premiered.

Flirty Dancing Season 2 Plot: What Is The Storyline?

It is based on a UK reality show of the same name and it is presented by actress and dancer Jenna Dewan on the FOX network. Strangers are taught half of a dance routine on the television. After that, they go on a blind date and meet at a magnificent spot, where they dance without saying a word to each other.

There may or may not be an unsaid connection and chemistry. If you’re looking for a new love with this romantic way of dating, you’ll have to step outside your comfort zone to find it. First impressions can be deceiving.

Flirty Dancing Season 2 Cast: Who Is Coming Back?

There are some cast members of the Flirty Dancing Season 2, who are included in the list below.

Flirty Dancing Season 2 Cast
  • Erin Lucas
  • Alec Sievern
  • Brandon Becker
  • Marymarie Nevels
  • Megan Hunt
  • Octavius Womack

Flirty Dancing Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Out?

Fox canceled the show after its first season due to low ratings and reviews from the viewing public. This season’s run ended on January 8th with a two-hour series finale. Overall, this was an enjoyable show with plenty of heart-pounding moments.

So sad that the series ended so early because the concept of finding love after dancing with a complete stranger was worth the invested time and money for popcorn. Many of the audience also shipped their favorite contestants.

 The results could have been vastly different if the series had gotten a little more attention from the American public. Unfortunately, the series was canceled before it had a chance to have a significant impression on the public consciousness.

The first series had a strong reputation and had two successful seasons, and this new series might achieve the same. There is a slim chance that the show will be renewed, so we’ll have to make do with our best-laid hopes for the future.

Flirty Dancing Season 1 Release Date December 29, 2019
Flirty Dancing Season 2 Release Date Canceled

Flirty Dancing Season 2 Trailer: Is It Released Or Not?

There is no information about the trailer of the Flirty Dancing Season 2, as a result, the Flirty Dancing Season 2 trailer has not released at that time. So do not worry here we are attached a past trailer of the previous season.


In the 18-49 demographic, Flirty Dancing premiered with an amazing 1.0 rating, but it was for an episode that aired after an NFL football game. There has been a decrease in the numbers since that time, and they are now in the 0.3 to 0.4 area. In its regular time slot, it didn’t have much of a lead-in or sufficient support, and with so few episodes, it didn’t have much of an opportunity to create an audience. The last episodes are being aired on a Saturday, a day when there will be no spectators watching.

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