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Find Deleted Snapchat Friends: How To Find Deleted Snapchat Friends?

Snapchat is a platform that helps us to connect with many new friends and sometimes love of our life. Occasionally, we delete a friend without knowing. Don’t you think losing a caring and loving person is such a big mistake? If yes, then you can recover and find deleted Snapchat friends in just a few quick steps.

By deleting a Snapchat friend or deleting history, also remove it from your Snapchat friends list. In this whole process, the person to whom you have deleted isn’t still aware that you have removed him from your contacts until you find and add them again.

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Imagine a scenario, you are going through your Snapchat friend list, and you got a thought to remove all those friends with whom you don’t talk anymore. Or some annoying pals. You start removing them one by one in a couple of taps. Then you suddenly realise that unwillingly you removed a good friend. It can happen to anyone because the removal process is straightforward, and accidentally you might delete someone that you didn’t intend to.

Though, you can still find deleted Snapchat friends and re-add them. However, to initiate this process, you will need some information about your friend(s). But what to do if you don’t have any information about that deleted friend, not even the username?

The process to find Deleted Snapchat friends depends on the information which you have about them. In this article, we have explained four different methods to find deleted Snapchat friends.

How to Find Deleted Snapchat Friends?

The first recovery option is beneficial, as in this method you can either add them by username, from a contact list, from your friends’ list, or by using a snap code.

The other way to find a deleted friend is that friends often remain in your friend list 9for a short period) even you delete them.

So, if you have deleted a person accidentally, and you don’t have any contact information to get in touch again. Then, first of all, you should check your friend list if that person is still there or not.

#1 How to Add a Deleted Friend from Your Friends List

Luckily if your friend’s username is still available in your friend list, then you can add them back by just following a few simple steps. To start recovery, open the Snapchat app and follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Tap on your “user profile”  which you can find on the top-left corner of your device screen.
Find Deleted Snapchat Friends
  • Then scroll down to find the friends section the select my friends.
Find Deleted Snapchat Friends

After these steps, a list of your friends will open, on the list, you will be able to see all the friends that you follow and that follows you back.

Scroll this list to find deleted Snapchat friends as they remain here with a small plus sign which you can find just next to their name. If you can see them on this list, then it means that they still follow you. To re-add them, just tap on that small plus sign, and after these steps, Your deleted friend will show inn your friend list again.

Quick Tip:- Bear in your mind that, these steps only work when that friend also follows you.

#2 How to Add a Deleted Snapchat Friend By Using Their Snapchat Username

Luck by chance, if you remember your friend’s username, then you can simply find deleted Snapchat Friends through the search box to add them again. Follow the below-mentioned steps to rectify the colossal mistake you just made.

  • Open the Snapchat application, then give a single tap on the “+” sign.
  • Now select the add friend option from the top right side of your mobile”s screen.
Find Deleted Snapchat Friends
  • Now it’s time to enter the username of your friend and let the app search them for you.
  • After completing the search, the Snapchat app will show you their profile, like the profile shown in the image below.
Find Deleted Snapchat Friends

Don’t hesitate and tap on the add button, which you can see on your right.

By following these steps correctly, you will have successfully re-added your friend. Unfortunately, if somehow you don’t remember your friend’s username. Then you can still get him/her back by starting the recovery process by visiting the Snapchat app through a web browser.

After opening the Snapchat application in your browser then choose the Snapchat data option. Upon downloading this data, you’ll get the information of every person which you have blocked and deleted on Snapchat.

To start the recovery process, log in to your profile and complete the verification process to gain access to your Snapchat account. After gaining access, download your profile data saved on the website’s database. Then open the file, and search for their username.

#3 Steps to Add a Deleted Snapchat Friend from Contacts

Have you ever noticed that when you install Snapchat, it ask you to sync your phone contacts to find all the users who are already using the Snapchat in your contact list. Follow these easy instructions to find and add a friend from your contact list:

  • Open the Snapchat app then give a single tap on the “Add Friend” icon which you can see on the right-hand side of your device’s screen.
  • Tap “All contacts” on the right side of the screen.
Find Deleted Snapchat Friends
  • By following these steps, you will see a list of all your contacts that use Snapchat. Find Deleted Snapchat Friends and add them again by just tapping the “Add Button” that is available at your right.
Find Deleted Snapchat Friends

If you still can’t find a friend, which was in your contact and you are sure that you have still their connection, then there might be a chance that they have deactivated their Snapchat account. Moreover, there is a possibility that they use any other phone number or email address to access Snapchat.

#4 Guide to Find Deleted Snapchat Friends and Add a Friend with a Snapcode

The last way to find deleted Snapchat friends is snapcode. If you have stored a photo of your friend’s snapcode in your device, then you can simply use that code to find your friend quickly.

  • To do this, open the Snapchat application in your smartphone, then click on the profile icon, which is available at your left.
  • Now choose “Add Friends” option from the profile screen.
Find Deleted Snapchat Friends
  • Tap on the “ghost icon‘ on the right side of the search bar. Check the screenshot below for reference.
  • It’s time to find and upload the “Snapcode” image from the gallery.

Click on the “Snapcode” image to select and upload.

Once you upload the snapcode image, the Snapchat application will start scanning the photo to trace the user data. Once the app finishes examining the data, you will be able to add them back to your friends’ list.

Quick Tip:- Before uploading the image in Snapchat, make sure that the image is in proper size. If you have cropped, edited, stretched or changed it in any way, then Snapcode won’t work, and you also won’t be able to find deleted Snapchat Friends.


Whenever you delete a friend from Snapchat, the removed person never get any notification. But when you send them the request again, then they will surely get a piece of information from the app, the alert will read like “(Your Username) has added you!”

In this scenario, you will need to explain to your friend why you deleted them. Though it was an accident, so, we don’t think you will find difficulties to clear your points.

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