Final Fantasy XIV February Broadcast Delayed Owing to Covid-19

The Covid-19 is not yet over. Most countries are going through the second wave, and a few are suffering from the new strain of the virus. Till now the pandemic has affected almost every sector of the economy and forced the officials to announce the state of emergency. And owing to it many events are getting delayed such as Final Fantasy XIV February broadcast. To make the announcement, Square Enix posted the update on their official Japanese game website that confirms the scheduled Final Fantasy XIV February broadcast 14-hour event, which was supposed to occur on February 6, would now take place at a later date.

The announcement came out the next day when Universal Studios Japan cancelled the grand opening of Super Nintendo World. The Final Fantasy XIV art installation is also cancelled which was ready to go live on January 8.

After this announcement, the Square Enix apologised to all those fans who had been eagerly waiting for the live stream. A few hours of Final Fantasy XIV event was supposed to be shot in front of a live audience. Later in his statement, he said numerous districts, including Osaka, following a surge in Covid-19 cases in the country. Hence we all should understand why this decision was made.

Square Enix Statement On Final Fantasy XIV February Broadcast Delay

“In response to the situation, we have decided to take this precaution and give top priority to the safety of guests,” the statement reads. “The safety of our staff and others, who were scheduled to appear on the 14-hour live broadcast is of the utmost importance. Details on a new date will be announced in due course.”

After the announcement, many of us are disappointed since many exciting announcements were due to be made. But we all nothing can do except waiting until they decide to resume live stream in the future.

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