Errol Musk Net Worth: How Did He Start His Career?

The world’s richest man, Elon Musk, is descended from Errol Musk. Before divorcing her in 1979, Errol and Elon’s mother had been married for nine years. Elon was the oldest of the couple’s three children who were already living at home.

Errol did teach his eldest son about engineering, despite their strained relationship with Elon. Throughout his career, Errol was a prosperous electromechanical engineer from South Africa. He was a successful engineer as well as a talented pilot, sailor, and real estate developer.

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Early Life

South African-born Errol Musk was born in Pretoria in 1946. He chose a career in engineering and attended a nearby institution to study electromechanical engineering. He had much greater aspirations than the average engineer given his background and degree, though, and was primarily interested in being an investor and entrepreneur.

Maye Haldeman, a Canadian model, and dietician was his high school love and they were married. Elon and Kimbal, two boys, marked the beginning of their family in the 1970s. The couple gave birth to a daughter named Tosca a short while after. The couple split in 1979, although their marriage was not a joyful one.

Errol, though, comes from a family of enthusiastic thinkers and doers. His parents were pioneering adventurers as well as the first chiropractors in Canada. Errol pursued a profession as an engineer, but he also learned to fly and sail. He had a keen interest in real estate, and the majority of his income came from advising and building homes.

All members of the Musk family kept honing their extraordinary talents while living in Pretoria and raising their children there. Elon developed an early interest in computers, and Errol encouraged him to learn more about them.

Personal Life

There have been scandals in his personal life. Despite having multiple indiscretions, Errol remarried following the dissolution of his marriage to Maye. With his stepdaughter, he also fathered a kid. Because of his relationship decisions, he frequently created new issues and alienated his kids, who were angry with him for his behavior.

Errol continued to encourage his kids’ skills despite their alienation. Errol financed Elon and Kimbal’s initial software startup, Zip2, despite not giving Elon any money. Even still, Errol’s relationship with his children remained tumultuous despite the company’s success.

Despite having some communication, Errol and his kids still don’t have as much of a bond as many parents do. Errol decided to return to South Africa and live in the Western Cape because he prefers to be in the place he is most familiar with after their disastrous attempt to live in Malibu together.


As an electromechanical engineer, Errol began his career by contributing to several projects. His primary occupation was engineering, but he also worked as a consultant and a real estate developer to supplement his income.

Errol has not disclosed the names of the businesses he has worked for, but based on the money he has amassed, it is safe to assume that he had a successful career. Errol works for his passion in addition to earning a living. He worked as a pilot and a sailor before retiring.

He resigned from his job a long time ago, but he has kept up his love of flying and sailing by buying a yacht and a private plane.

Errol Musk’s Net Worth In 2022

Errol Musk’s net worth is projected to reach $2 million as of 2022. Due to his creative business ideas and perseverance, Errol was able to amass a sizable fortune for himself. His commercial ventures and lengthy engineering career have made a substantial contribution to his wealth.

Errol loves to travel and live a luxurious lifestyle for himself. Even though he has several opulent residences in different countries throughout the world, his most valuable home is located in a posh Pretoria suburb.

Errol Musk's Net Worth in 2022
Errol Musk’s Net Worth in 2022

Assets And Properties

Additionally, Errol owned thoroughbred horses, a yacht, and a “Cessna” plane because he enjoyed sailing and flying back then.

During the majority of the holidays, Errol would spend them at one of his several palatial residences. One of them was in Pretoria’s Waterkloof, where Elon had grown up after his parents, Errol and Maye, divorced.

An estimated $2 million is Errol Musk’s net worth. As an accomplished engineer and businessman, Errol was collecting wealth. He was also severing relations with his kids, who later characterized him as a horrible and oppressive individual. Errol is regarded as the greatest engineer of all time and hails from a legendary line of engineers.


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