Enola Holmes 2: Will Millie Bobby Brown Return For The Sequel? Read All About It Here!

When Enola Holmes was released on Netflix it was watched by an estimate of about 76 million subscribers. It broke quite a lot of viewership records because of its unique plot and obviously the cast; full of famous celebrities. The filmmakers had no intention of continuing with the sequel but the response from the audience changed their mind. And guess what? We are getting Enola Holmes 2, Netflix has confirmed this! But when will it be released? And will the original cast return for the sequel?

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most successful fictional franchises and there are endless ways in which the filmmakers have expanded this franchise. In September 2020 Netflix added Enola Holmes to its library but this time the content was different. How? Instead of focusing on the renowned detective, Enola (Sherlock’s sister) was made the main protagonist. Hence the film’s sudden rise to fame. And just like her brother Enola has a lot of mysterious cases to solve thereby she will be starring in more Netflix projects. And this brings us to her next confirmed project: Enola Holmes 2!

On 13th May came the good news of the renewal. And the tweet in which the sequel was confirmed also made it crystal clear that Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill will be present in the upcoming film. But what about other main characters? Will they feature in Enola Holmes 2? Let’s look into all of these queries!

Enola Holmes 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, very less is known about the project so far. Because first the pandemic has been a big stumbling block for the production and secondly the actors have a very busy schedule. Millie Bobby Brown is currently working on her other Netflix project “Stranger Things Season 4”, considering this the film has not started its filming process yet! This means that Enola Holmes 2 won’t be released until 2021. Netflix has not revealed the official release date either. 

But if we predict the release date from the past pattern of production then Enola Holmes 2 should take 1 year for its release. So, expect the film to hit the streaming site (or the theatres) in the summer of 2022, or who knows maybe even later than that! 


The key figures will reprise their respective roles; Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes and Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes. As for the supporting cast, we don’t know if they will return for the sequel. However, it is up to the writers if they want to include these characters in Enola Holmes 2.

Enola’s family is bound to come back which includes; Enola’s older brother Mycroft ( Sam Claflin) and her suffragette mother Eudoria ( played by Helena Bonham Carter). There are very few chances of Tewkesburys returning for the sequel; because in the first film Enola was done with that case.

And if Enola is destined to explore some other case then don’t expect the following cast members to feature in the sequel; Hattie Morahan (as Lady Tewkesbury), David Bamber (as Sir Whimbrel Tewkesbury), Frances de la Tour (as The Dowager), and Fiona Shaw (as Miss Harrison). But what about Louis Patridge?

Netflix has not confirmed his appearance in the sequel so we are still skeptical about his role. But who knows maybe he will feature as Enola’s love interest, Tewkesbury, or in certain parts of the film. 

There might be a whole different cast planned too! Because as Enola is a detective she is prone to meeting new people so naturally new characters will be introduced too. As Netflix has not revealed the official lineup for the cast yet we can’t say anything definite about the new characters. So you’ll have to remain patient! 


As for now, Netflix has not disclosed any plot details yet but the first film took its inspiration from Nancy Springer’s book titled “The Case of the Missing Marquess” and there are 5 more books in the series. So the screenwriter for Enola Holmes 2 has plenty of content available. But it depends whether the filmmakers are willing to stick to the novels or they want to take the film in some other direction.

If Netflix decides to go in chronological order of the novels then Enola will follow the events that took place in “The Case of the Left-Handed Lady”. In it, the detective sets on a mission to track down a little girl. Unexpectedly, in this quest, she discovers some other mysterious case. But will the showrunners continue with the story? Guess we’ll find out when Netflix announces the official plot synopsis for Enola Holmes 2. 

Enola Holmes 2 Trailer 

According to the filmmakers, the shooting for Enola Holmes 2 has not begun yet. So there is no footage for the sequel which can be developed into a trailer or even a teaser. However, you can follow Millie Bobby Brown’s official Instagram account where she posts a lot of BTS scenes!

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