Emma Grede Net Worth: The Businesswoman Who’s Changing the Face of Fashion

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Emma Grede Net Worth

Business phenomenon and multimillionaire success story Emma Grede. Grede’s net worth is an astounding $360 million thanks to his ownership in 23% of Khloe Kardashian’s Good American, 22% of Kris Jenner’s Safely, and a number of other investments. As a result, Forbes included her among the top 100 self-made women in the United States in 2022.

The forty-year-old businesswoman has made her mark by making innovative investments and expanding the parameters of what a progressive clothing line might be. Neither her appointment as chairwoman of the 15 Percent Pledge nor her appearance as a guest shark on Shark Tank should come as a surprise.

Grede obviously has a knack for making money and putting it to good use for the issues she cares about. She exemplifies the success that may be achieved by focusing on the right things and allocating resources wisely.

Emma Grede Changed the Fashion Industry

Emma Grede Changed the Fashion Industry

The first step on Emma Grede’s path to success, fame, and fortune required a huge leap of faith. The fashion business mogul became successful by defying convention and setting new standards.

Grede (then known as Emma Findlay) began her career as a broker between artists, fashion designers, and companies when she was still in her late teens. After meeting Kris Jenner, she decided to launch her own entertainment marketing agency called ITB. Grede was able to present her idea for Good America to Kim Kardashian thanks to Jenner’s introduction.

Her innovative business plan and fearless execution apparently made her a multimillionaire overnight, with Good American currently worth more than $12 million. Grede became a household name in the fashion business and a multibillionaire thanks to her role as a founding partner.

Emma Grede moved from being a fashion school dropout to a multimillionaire thanks to her collaboration with reality stars and astute business decisions. She has become an inspiration for aspiring young businesswomen all across the world, and her success shows no signs of abating.

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Emma Grede: The Businesswoman Who’s Changing the Face of Fashion

Emma Grede is a wealthy businesswoman and investor. She made her fortune through astute venture capital and company management. Private equity, new ventures, and property make up the bulk of her portfolio.

Grede is involved in several sectors of the private equity industry. In addition to her 22% interest in Safely, she also serves as CEO of Good American. Her stake in SKIMS amounts to 8%. In addition, Grede has a little investment in Frame and Brady, which is held by her husband, Jens Grede.

Grede has served as a guest on ABC’s Shark Tank, where she invested $200,000 for 30% interest in KIN Apparel and $100,000 for 10% equity in No Limbits, both firms in the apparel industry.

Finally, in the realm of real estate, Grede and her husband recently spent $45 million on the mid-century modern Malibu home that had belonged to Brad Pitt, and $24 million on a historic Bel Air property.

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