Elizabeth Prann Husband: Who Is The Partner Of The Anchor?

A reporter for Fox News out of the nation’s capital, Elizabeth Prann is an American citizen. She also has experience working as a reporter, anchor, and producer for the Panama City station of NBC, WJHG. She has worked in production before, too.

Elizabeth, a 32-year-old contributor living in Washington, has covered major events. Let’s go more into Elizabeth’s financial situation, professional history, and private life.

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Who is Elizabeth Prann from HLN/Fox?

Elizabeth Prann is a 33-year-old television news anchor and reporter who first gained notoriety as the Washington, D.C. correspondent for Fox News Channel. She was born on August 9, 1985, in Aurora, Colorado, USA. She currently has the dual roles of anchor and reporter for CNN’s sister network HNL. Since 2006, she has been actively pursuing a profession.

Elizabeth Prann Early Life

Elizabeth Prann was reared by her mother, Cheryl Prann, as an only child in their hometown. She always had an active hand in her neighbourhood and seemed to enjoy the limelight even as a little child. They moved to Denver, Colorado just before Elizabeth started high school, so she could attend Cherry Creek High.

In high school, she became interested in journalism when allowed to edit the school newspaper; she enjoyed the idea of sharing news of significant events with others. She also experimented with many sports until she found that lacrosse was her true calling.

She did some serious introspection and career planning after graduating from high school, and in 2002, she applied to the University of Florida to pursue a career in journalism. During her tenure at the University, Prann was active in both the Delta Gamma sorority and the women’s Florida Gators lacrosse team. After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism in 2006, she began looking for work.

Profession Of Elizabeth Prann

When Fox News gave Elizabeth Prann a job as a production assistant for “On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren,” it was her first opportunity to work in her field of interest. Prann was able to learn the ropes of the business fast in a wide range of positions because to the fact that she was involved in a wide variety of activities and had multiple responsibilities on the show.

After two years, she moved on to work at the D.C. booking desk. After that, she joined the NBC affiliate in Panama City, WJHG, where she served as a producer, reporter, and fill-in anchor, before returning to Fox News in 2010 as a correspondent based in Atlanta.

It was during Elizabeth’s time at Fox News that she first gained widespread recognition for her reporting, including the in-depth coverage she provided of the Deepwater Horizon oil leak disaster. She covered natural catastrophes like Hurricanes Irene, Issac, and Sandy in great detail, and she was also on the site during the whole 2013 Alabama hostage incident.

Recently, Prann moved over from Fox News to join HLN. Prann is a reporter and anchor for CNN’s Headline News HLN’s “On the Story,” which airs from 12:00 to 3:00 and has a rotating set of anchors.

Elizabeth Prann Husband: Personal Life

In terms of her private life, Elizabeth Prann is married to Darren O’Day, a Major League Baseball bullpen pitcher for the Atlanta Braves (MLB). Currently 36 years old, Prann’s husband’s hometown is Jacksonville, Florida. They tied the knot on November 20, 2010, at Atlanta’s Ritz-Carlton hotel.

The fact that her spouse had been dealt from the Baltimore Orioles to the Atlanta Braves was the primary motivation for Prann’s departure from Fox News and subsequent relocation to HLN. The family decided to live in Atlanta because they valued having more time together, and Prann felt that long commutes would be to taxing on his body. In October 2014, the couple welcomed their daughter Claire, and in 2017, they welcomed their son Dane.

Elizabeth Prann Personal Life
Elizabeth Prann Personal Life

Elizabeth Prann Net Worth

One of the young journalists who has earned respect for their work is Elizabeth Prann. Her articles about the West Fertilizer Plant Explosion and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill are considered some of the best published online. Elizabeth’s annual compensation from Fox News is $70,000.

It is unclear, however, how much money she is thought to have in total because of the lack of available information. It’s safe to assume that, as a public figure, Elizabeth makes regular use of various social media platforms. Despite her lack of Instagram presence, Elizabeth maintains a sizable following of about 23,400 people on Twitter.

She tweets about her profession occasionally and posts images from her personal life. Consequently, if she is interested in staying abreast of her current news, she should follow her on Twitter. You may read more about Katherine Timpf, another coworker of the journalist in this article.

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