Elite season 5: Release Date Status, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer, And More

Elite Season 4 is released on June 18, 2021, and now fans can not wait for Season 5. Do you think season 5 is coming? If yes, when is it going to release? It is a popular, fictional, Spanish teen series released on the popular streaming platform Netflix. It is a popular teenage drama about a bunch of students. The producer and executive producers of the series are Francisco Ramos, Carlos Montero, Dario Madrona, and Diego Betancor. However, this new season introduced many new characters to the audience. In short, the school gets back in session, which means no one is any longer safe. So, are you excited to know what happens next? Is it going to wilder than ever? To know this, you have to wait for a bit longer! 

Elite season 5: Release Date

We know that Elite Season 5 is already getting shot, so the makers reveal no release date yet. However, as per the resources, it may arrive somewhere in 2022. The gap between the second and third seasons is a year, so it will probably be released next year. The Elite Season 4 came out on June 18, 2021, on Netflix. So, if you have not watched it, watch it and wait for the Season 5 announcement.


The Cast

The two strong characters of Guzman and Ander might not return to the show who were out traveling in season 4. However, the shorts are one of the potential ways to bring them back into the character. So, it is yet to be confirmed. 

  • Omar Ayuso playing the role of Omar
  • Itzan Escamilla playing the role of Samuel 
  • Georgina Amoros playing the role of Cayetana 
  • Claudia Salas playing the role of Rebeka, also known as Rebe 
  • Martina Cariddi playing the role of Menica 
  • Carla Diaz playing the role of Ari 
  • Manu Rios playing the role of Patrick 
  • Diego Martin playing the role of Benjamin

Elite season 5

Elite season 5: Synopsis

There can be big things happening in the Elite Season 5 premiere. The strange immense vanishing of Armando can frame a new story. Other than that, Ari and Samuel will think of their relationship. Fans who have seen season 4 know that Guzman and Ander chose to travel to Las Encinas with Ande. On the other hand, Menica told the truth to her dad about her sexual relationship with her sister’s aggressor, who is playing the role of Armando. Season 5 will show what happens after Menica confesses everything and how it affects the relationship with Rebe. However, the new members have also been announced back in February, so it looks like it will be one of the thrilling experiences for the fans full of suspense. Let’s wait a bit longer for the dramatic finale and know what is stored for the fans in the upcoming season! 


The makers of the Elite Season 5 have not revealed any trailer as yet. However, the good news is there are some of the shots that fans can see. The shorts will most likely bridge the various seasons and present vital characters such as Omar, Nadia, Guzman, and Ander. However, since there is no trailer released, fans have to wait for a bit longer! 

Final Words

According to the resources and media houses, this is all that we know so far! Unfortunately, the show has not revealed any premiere date yet, so it looks like you have to wait a bit longer. Stay tuned for more information regarding the brand new season of Elite Season 5.

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