Ebaumsworld is getting famous due to hilarious memes and pictures – 6 Facts to Know about Ebaumsworld

Ebaumsworld, the world which is full of funny videos, Adobe Flash cartoons, and web games. That makes laugh everybody with the published media. eBaum’s World website found in 2001, and it went viral with the increase in usage of social media platforms.

The Ebaumsworld website offers memes in several categories such as videos, meme articles, newest and popular memes and other forms of Internet culture. Let’s read further to find out the things which you should need to know.

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6 Facts to Know About Ebaumsworld

Fact #1:- Ebaumsworld allows users to upload their memes collection by just creating an account on the site. Anyone can easily share their meme collection with everyone by just creating an account on the site.

The most exciting fact about ebaumsworld is that the users submit all the content available on the site in exchange for redemption points through a monetary point system named “eBones.”

Fact #2:- Ebaumsworld is part of Literally Media, which also owns Cheezburger and Know Your Meme. The site originated from New York featuring entertainment media such as videos, Adobe Flash cartoons, and web games.

The meme site was developed and owned by Eric “eBaum” Bauman and his father, Neil. In August 2007the site was sold to HandHeld Entertainment (also known as ZVUE Corporation) for $15 million upfront, $2.5 million in HandHeld stock and up to $52.5 million in cash and stock over three years.

Almost after two years of the deal, the Bauman and the company’s all staff members were terminated by ZVUE Corporation, and the company officially moved to the San Francisco ZVUE corporation offices. As of 2020, the Israel based company Literally Media is controlling the stakes of Ebaumsworld.


Image Credit Ebaumsworld

Fact #3:- The most exciting feature of the site is ‘SoundBoards’. This option allows users to listen to quotes or phrases spoken by the world-famous celebrities by just click of their mouse. If users want, then they can also refresh their mood the unusual things said by their favourite celebs.

Fact #4:- The site has a store and also offer a chat room along with a section called “Moron Mail”. Via the Moron Mail, users can share their feedback as well as Flash movies and games from across the internet.

Fact #5:- On January 24, 2006, the USA Network dealt with the Fox Television Studios to create and telecast a TV program based on the content available on Ebaum’s World. The partners and producers suggested to telecast it as a late-night companion special to air with WWE Raw. The purpose of the show was to feature professional WWE wrestler Chris Jericho and former TechTV Host Martin Sargent of Unscrewed.

The show successfully aired in the supervision of executive producer Simon Andreae through his production company.

Fact #6:- When the site was enjoying the fame, they face many controversies due to various incidents of content being taken from sites like YTMND, Something Awful, Albino Blacksheep, 4chan, Olde English, Weebl’s Stuff, and Newgrounds even without giving proper credit.

Moreover, Viacom also claimed that ebaumsworld had broken their copyrights. But later they denied the critics claim by explaining how the editors have done the research and consent form that must accompany uploads of material. Then the site claimed to honor all requests to remove the illegal content.

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