Dynasty Warriors Movie: Release Date Status, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer

If you love video games, you must be aware of the Dynasty Warriors, a series of hack and slash action video games.

Now, a film adaptation of the beloved video game is on the way to entertain us with more action and thrillers. Roy Hin Ying Chow has directed this masterpiece.

HMV Digital China Group Limited is the studio behind the creation of the Dynasty Warriors movie. Makers have filmed the movie across China and New Zealand, somewhere in 2017. Filming for Dynasty Warriors wrapped up on 28 November 2017.

The source of the video game was a renowned novel, Sentiment of the Three Realms. Some of the stages were a recreation of famous battles in the late Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms periods.

The film is about the first ruler of Shu Han, Liu Pei, defending his state in the three kingdom Period. However, the movie is already released in cinemas in China and Hong Kong earlier this year.

Update About The Release Date Of The movie Dynasty Warriors on:

The film is already in cinemas in China and Hongkong. The movie got released in Hongkong on April 29, 2021, and in China on April 30, 2021.

Now, Netflix has taken the distribution rights for the movie.

The release date so far announced by Netflix is on Thursday, July 1, 2021.

The movie Dynasty Warriors will only be available to run in the selected territories. But it will surely be available to run in the USA and the UK.

What will be the Plot of the movie Dynasty Warriors?

Dynasty Warriors film will be highlighting the golden period of Imperial China set off for its end as Greed, Dishonesty, and lawlessness. All these have caused severe damage to the Second Imperial Dynasty of China. Which is acknowledged as the golden age there, called the Han Dynasty.

Taking advantage of the discord and chaos in China, the Tyrant takes over the control of the courts and on variables that influence the Emperor.

As the Disorder keeps on rising, there will be a simultaneous rise of the Heroes and Villains battling with each other. It will ultimately change the fate of the country China.

The film will also be capturing the various well-known battles like:

  • The Yellow Turban Rebellion battle
  • The famous Battle of Hulao Gate
  • Great Battle of Xiapi
  • One of the great Battle of Guan Du
  • legendry Battle of Changban
  • and the Battle of Red Cliffs

Dynasty Warriors

Many other famous battles.

As we can see, the story is giving hints for the action moves that will make all the action lover audience applauding.


The creators made sure to make it one star-studded movie So it could entice the viewers towards it.

We are going to witness the following actors in the sequel of dynasty warrior-

  • Louis Koo will be playing Lu Bu.
  • Kai Wang will be playing Cao Cao.
  • Ray Lui will be playing Yuan Shao.
  • Justin Cheung will be playing Zhang Fei.
  • Carina Lui will be playing as a Master of the Sword Forge Castle.
  • Tony Yo-Ning Yang will be playing Liu Bei.
  • Geng Han will be playing Guan Yu.
  • Coulee Nazha will be playing Diao Chan.
  • Eddie Cheung will be playing Chen Gong.
  • Suet Lam will be playing Dong Zhou.
  • Philip Keung will be playing Zhang Jiao.
  • Jonathan Chee Hyn Wong will be playing Cao Ren.

As we can see, the cast all-sufficient to make this movie a big success.

Does the cast of Dynasty Warriors excite you to watch?


The trailer of the movie got an initial release in 2018.

Netflix has released the trailer teaser on June 3, 2021. We can see glimpses of the exceptional wars we are going to witness in the movie.


The movie has not got an attractive rating on the IMDB. It just has scored 4.7 out of 10. But we should also consider that only 262 viewers have participated in the voting.

We will get authentic ratings once it gets a release on Netflix.

If you love to watch action movies filled with thrillers and energy, then you can not afford to miss this masterpiece.

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