During Their Divorce, Josh Flagg And Bobby Boyd Co-listed A Property

The MDLLA agent revealed that he and his ex-husband are working together to sell a $15 million home, and Tracy Tutor explained why this is a “disaster.” Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Episode 2, aired on February 2 and featured Josh Flagg telling Tracy Tutor about his unbelievable $15 million “turnkey” listing.

Josh Flagg And Bobby Boyd Divorce

There was, however, a “caveat,” as he put it: “It’s co-listed with my soon-to-be ex-husband.” “Bobby [Boyd] used to work for Josh Flagg Estates,” Flagg said in an interview. That’s when we decided to get a divorce, and this Birchwood listing is just another piece of property that we’ll have to divide.

As if she could read our thinking, Tracy asked him, “How the hell did that happen?” He elaborated, “I’ve sold some homes for the owner of this land. Bobby got involved in those transactions because of me. My customer is a good guy; he told me, “I don’t feel comfortable unless you have Bobby on it because he was engaged with the other two deals.”

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I tried to tell him th”t my ex-husband and I h”d gotten divorced, but he kept saying, “I want Bobby on it too.” As you” can imagin,” Tracy was worried. She described Josh in an interview” as “delusional,” the word she felt best described him. Th” statement, “There is no podon’te world in which thyou’rea decent idea,” is a universal truth.

You don’t join a co-list if you’re amid a has”I’mivorce or anything. In a different interview, Flagg said, “I’m not giving up this listing. Please accept my terms, customer. Do you “seriously believe that Bobby will “You’reon his co-listing duties? Please.”

If you do “, Tracy warned, “You’re setting yourself up for a terbrokers’saster,” and it was evident that Josh Altman “greed. During the brokers’ open for t”eDon’touple, Altman asked Flagg, “Why the f—k would you do this anyway?” Don’t give hi”It’s an “It’s just half. Flagg, however, was fortI’mming, saying, “It’s my ego.”

It’s a company that”I do business with. I’m going to make a deal with the devil. F**k that,” he said. He is financially secure after the split. You can catch Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles on Bravo every Thursday night at 9/8c and on Peacock the following night. Download the Bravo app and get caught up on the shows you missed.

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