Drew Barrymore Divorce Regarding the ‘Confusing’ Section of His Life

Drew Barrymore Divorce: When her marriage to Will Kopelman ended, according to Drew Barrymore, “there was no scandal” or “particular moment,” but it left her “broken” in the trying year that followed.

The actor and host of a daytime talk show revealed to People how she struggled after divorcing Kopelman in 2016, with whom she had daughters Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8. No scandal occurred.

Nothing went wrong, which is cleaner, but because there isn’t The Thing to point to, it makes it more challenging and confusing,” she said. “We made a lot of effort to make it work.

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Divorce, according to (a friend), “is the death of a dream.” That is precisely how it feels—like something irrevocable and cannot be undone. After the divorce, Barrymore concentrated on her daughters.

She did not want them to grow up without a close-knit family, as she was emancipated from her parents at 14. She said, “I know how that feels.

“What was the point of it all if I haven’t learned anything from that?” Since this is a family, nobody is leaving. We all adored one another, so I was determined to make it work.

Drew Barrymore Divorce

After the divorce, Barrymore stated she had a “cripplingly tough” year and struggled with alcohol. In the 1980s, when she was a young actor in Hollywood, she had already battled addiction.

Alcohol completely satisfied my need to feel excellent and numb the agony, she claimed. “The drinking was a constant for me; it was like, ‘You cannot change. You are powerless to make the decisions that are best for you.

You keep telling yourself you’ll get this, but it’s overpowering you. She remarked, “I almost think that was worse than the trauma I went through as a kid after the life I imagined for my kids didn’t work out.”

“Since it wasn’t just me, it felt much more accurate. I had a great deal of concern for these youngsters. Then I probably cared so much for them that I neglected to take care of myself and was only given to them.

It was a filthy, agonizing, torturous journey through the flames and back to life. As a result of Kopelman’s marriage to fashion director Alexandra Michler last year, Barrymore, 47, and Kopelman, 44, now have a blended family. The fantastic thing is that we still have the dream, she remarked. It’s just different from the scenario I swore would occur.

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