Dragon Age Absolution Season 2: is Netflix Bringing an Another Season?

Fans of the Absolution animated series naturally want to know how the plot develops because the show ended on a very significant cliffhanger. What is currently known about a potential second season is listed below. Oh, and warning: spoilers! With numerous sequels to the first game and even an animated Netflix version, Dragon Age has grown into a recognizable phenomenon. This raises the question of whether or not a second season of Dragon Age: Absolution is likely.

The band of thieves led by Miriam in Dragon Age: Absolution succeeded in their mission to seize the Circulum from the Tevinter Imperium. It wasn’t entirely successful, but Tevinter is no longer able to summon demonic armies and the dead using this potent item.

Dragon Age Absolution Season 2: is Netflix Bringing an Another Season?

Since Hira believes the Red Lyrium Templars can end the oppressive kingdom’s rule once and for all, she deceived Miriam and the others to convey the Circulum to them. We left off with Hira rushing to Kirkwall to give the Crimson Knight the Circulum, and of course, we’re curious as to what will happen next.

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Dragon Age: Absolution Season 2

This cliffhanger offers more than enough material for at least one more Netflix season. Given the dark forces, our heroes’ race to regain the Circulum, and Hira’s need to choose a side, we would witness an epic conflict. There are undoubtedly intentions to develop the story further.

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Sadly, Netflix hasn’t yet picked up Dragon Age: Absolution for a second season. On the other hand, Netflix hasn’t yet decided to discontinue the program. We might be lucky and receive at least one more season of Dragon Age: Absolution given that Netflix normally kills shows after the second or third season. Or perhaps characters from this story will show up in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in some capacity?


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