Domino Masters Season 2: FOX TV Series Cancelled or Renewed Yet?

The Domino Masters TV show, presented by Eric Stonestreet, has Steve Price, Danica McKellar, and Vernon Davis as judges. Team members compete in a domino toppling and chain reaction tournament in this show. The country’s best domino topples participate in a series of challenging domino-building competitions.

Each episode’s Rube Goldberg-style topples has a specific theme and distinctive elements. The stakes are high since one slip-up may trigger a domino effect that would eliminate them from consideration. At each stage, Topple Announcer Joe Buck narrates nail-biting topples that test the domino masters’ skills.

The teams that please the judges the most will advance to the following round, until the finals, where the best teams will compete for a cash prize, the ultimate trophy, and the grand title of Domino Masters. Here you will find all information about the Domino Masters Season 2 plot, cast, release date, and so on.

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Domino Masters Season 2 Plot

Four teams of three domino players each face off against each other in “Domino Masters,” a reaction-based game of dominoes. Two teams are eliminated in the first round, while the other two move on to the next round. Each member of the winning team receives a check in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars.

A new theme and bespoke piece are given to each team in each episode of Domino Masters to incorporate into the Rube Goldberg-style topples. As with the LEGO Masters competition, topples may expect a different theme each week. The Domino Masters trophy and a cash reward are up for grabs for the best teams.

The teams that please the judges the most will advance to the next round until the final, where the top teams compete for a cash reward and the Domino Masters honor. Production company FOX Alternative Entertainment is in charge of Domino Masters. Danny Schrader, Hend Baghdady, and Gail Berman are the show’s executive pro

When To Expect The Latest Episode

On March 9th, 2022, the show premiered. Already, the show is popular among television show aficionados. This is a novel concept for reality television, therefore it has a lot of promise. Second episode “Qualifiers: Holidays” will premiere at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX on March 16, 2022

The show already has a stellar lineup of Judges, so having a comedic personality host the proceedings should be a boon. The number of episodes of the game show is currently unknown, however each episode clocks in at 45 minutes.

Domino Masters Season 2 Release Date
Domino Masters Season 2 Release Date

Domino Masters Season 2 Release Date

The Domino Masters Season 2 on FOX has not been officially renewed as of yet. As of the month of August 2022, there has been no announcement made regarding a release date for the new season. This in no way indicates that the series will continue as planned.

It is possible that the show is taking a pause, and the release date for the next season has not been determined or publicized. As soon as we have access to further information, we will add it to this post and update it accordingly. If you would like to be alerted when the second season begins.

Domino Masters Season 2 Trailer

There is no information about the trailer of the Domino Masters Season 2. Let’s watch and enjoy the previous trailer of the show.

Where To Watch?

There is no official statement from the show regarding which platforms will be able to stream the show. It’s only a matter of time before streaming begins for the show. FOC and numerous other channels may be watched on FuboTV. The show can be streamed by using the platform to stream the channel.

Because a single error means starting from scratch, stacking dominoes is a skill that requires a lot of practice. As a result, it stands to reason that the individuals who take part in the competition are equally gifted. They have no chance of winning the $100,000 prize or even making it through the Qualifying round without it.


The first season of Domino Masters has an average 18-49 rating of 0.33 and a live+same day rating of 1.62 million viewers (including DVR playback through 3:00 AM). Despite the fact that these figures do not take into account further delayed or streamed viewing, they are an excellent estimate of how well a show is performing, particularly when compared to others on the same network.

Other economic reasons may come into play when determining the destiny of a show, but in general, the higher-rated shows are renewed and the lower-rated ones are canceled based on popularity. Take a look at how Domino Masters compares to the other FOX television shows.

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