Dom Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer

After Netflix, Amazon prime has gained viewers’ attention as a global streaming network over the years. However, Amazon has recently dropped the very first Brazilian original series Dom. It is a story based on actual events that Breno Silveria and Vicente Kubrusly direct. The first season of Dom was released on Friday, June 4. It has gained immense popularity among thriller and action lover viewers. It has got a 7.2/10 rating on IMDb with more than 1000 reviews. The binge-watchers have already completed the eight-episode show and are now awaiting Dom season 2. There are minor rumors that season 2 might drop in a few months.

Dom Season 2 Release Date

There is no word on season 2 from Amazon prime, but since season one is loved, we are sure that we might get the renewal status of don’t season 2 soon.

Usually, the creators take less than one year to create a sequel season. However, considering that season 1 was released last month, only Dom season 2 will likely be released in June 2022.

Dom Season 2 Cast

As season 1 ended on a major cliffhanger, and no one died in season 1, we expect to see every character returning in season 2. Some of them will be:

  • Gabriel Leon as Pedro Don (Victor’s Son)
  • Flavio Tolezani as Victor (police officer against narcotraffic)
  • Isabella Santoni as Viviane (Pedro’s partner)
  • Mariana Cerrone as Laura
  • Digão Ribeiro às Armário
  • Laila Garin as Marisa
  • Raquel Villar as Jasmine (girl impregnated by Pedro)

With them returning as themselves, we might also see a few new faces in Dom season 2.

Dom Season 2

Expected Plot

Dom is a Portuguese crime thriller series that follows the life of a family where the father is a cop against narcotraffic, but his son is a drug addict. The father, the victor, is in a rage to end the narcotraffic war to save his son Pedro who has become one of the most wanted criminals in Brazil due to his drug addiction.

Season 1 started where we saw victor saving a few young lives under the danger of drugs and Mafia; nevertheless, he was surprised when he saw his teenager Pedro indulging in the same issues. He makes ultimate attempts to save his son, who, however, becomes the most wanted criminal.

Season 1 has ended on multiple cliffhangers, and we are expecting season 2 to pick up from where it left in season 1. If season 2 arrives, we might be able to see what happened between Viviane and Pedro. Furthermore, the fans are anxious to know how Jasmine is evolving as Victor’s boy has impregnated her. Finally, season 2 might also resolve the complexities lying between the father-son relationship, and we might also see victors for the actions to save his son.

Some gossip about Dom season 2?

There has been a poster going viral on the internet, which shows Pedro holding a gun to Viviane’s head as he pulled her out of the club.

It is thrilling as well as suspicious at the same time thinking what Pedro might do next. Victor is still bound that his son is away for an indefinite time. Jasmine is alone, and Pedro is on the run, leaving her and victor in utter doubt.

There is no doubt that if season 2 arrives, it will gain multiple views in a single day.


There is no trailer for season 2, as it has not even been a month from the release date of season 1. However, we are anticipating Dom Season 2 Trailer by the end of this year.

The show is all set to be binge-watched on Amazon prime and the trailer of season 1 is also available there. However, if Amazon prime renews Dom season 2, people will get the official trailer on the Amazon website only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can we watch Dom Season 1?

Dom is streaming on Amazon Prime.

Where will Dom Season 2 trailer be released?

It will be released on Amazon Prime only, along with fresh episodes.

Is Dom a movie?

No, it is a web series based on actual events, streaming on Amazon Prime.

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