District 10: Neill Blomkamp Gave Another District 10 Update

The year 2021 has proved to be very lucky for the blockbuster films of 2009. Previously we got to know that Avatar is getting not just one but 4 new installments. Another good news is that District 9 (2009) is also getting a sequel almost a decade later! The upcoming movie is titled District 10.

When it comes to sci-fi films, it is no debate that Neill Blomkamp is truly the king of creating films in this genre. His 2009 film “District 9” changed the trajectory of the cinema. In other words, District 9 is the blueprint.

The movie showed similar instances from the apartheid era and combined different powerful themes; xenophobia, racism, immigration, and others. District 9 also broke many box-office records, and it is no wonder that the South African film is getting a sequel!

But when will District 10 release? And will the original cast come back for the sequel? Let’s find out!

In February 2021, Neill Blomkamp announced the renewal news through his Twitter account, and the tweet almost broke the internet. The sequel is co-written by the talented writers Sharlto Copley and Terri Tatchell. So, expect the unexpected from the upcoming film!

District 10 Release Date

We don’t have any leads on this matter so far. Neill Blomkamp has been teasing the sequel since District 9 premiered, but he never told the audience a specific date or even a year.

In these 11 years from 2009, the director has produced a total of 3 films, each with a gap of 2 to 3 years. His upcoming horror film “Demonic” just got released in March of 2021, so we assume that District 10 will come out in 2023 or 2024.

However, these are just assumptions. Maybe the film creators have a different schedule planned. Let’s hope that it is soon!

Neill Blomkamp Gives District 10 Update

Will the Original Cast Come Back for District 10?

As the film is still in its pre-production phase, there is no official lineup for the cast yet. But we are hopeful that most of the original team will reprise their old respective roles.

District 9’s hero and main character Sharlto Copley are bound to come back. But writers will have to write a strong plot twist for him to feature in the sequel. But as we know, without Wikus van de Merwe, the story can’t go forward efficiently.

It will be a delight to see Copley come back for the sequel. His potential peaked in the first film, and fans are hopeful that he’ll put the same effort into the second movie.

But Who Else Will Return for the Film?

Nothing definite can be said about the rest of the cast because everything depends on the plot of District 10. We’ll know more about the cast members once Neill Blomkamp himself decides to disclose the information or if there are any major leaks!

Rest assured, if we get any major information dump, we’ll update this article. So, stay tuned!


If you have seen the first film, you must know how the finale of District 9 sets the base plot for its sequel. Considering that the film aired 11 years ago, we have this point explained below!

District 9 was a sci-fi masterpiece revolving around aliens. But they were not the ones oppressing. Instead, they were getting oppressed. The aliens had successfully landed on planet earth, but now the human population was forcing them to settle in slum areas. They were extremely mistreated, so naturally, one of them decides to flee the brutal place.

And spoiler alert, he actually succeeds! But what will happen now? Will he stay there in peace where his life isn’t threatened? Or will he come back to save his race?

All these answers can make up the potential plot of District 10.

Blomkamp himself agreed that the plot would revolve around Christopher trying to come back to Earth. But this is just one of the many ideas in his mind. So we cannot say anything definite about the storyline.

Maybe we’ll get to see Wikus living happily with his wife, Charlene. Anything can happen! So, it is better to let writers do their job and remain patient until they decide to share the plot. It will take some time, but hopefully, it will be worth it!


The film is still in its infant phase. We do not have any footage for it, so naturally, there is no teaser or trailer.

As the film creators remain tightlipped about the sequel’s details, this is all that you needed to know about District 10. Keep checking the site for more updates!

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