Discord Webcam Not Working: Learn How to Fix

When it comes to an online multiplayer game, everyone thinks about the Discord as it is the platform build by the gamers for the gamers. With Discord, it is possible to form groups, communicate with each other by using the webcam and play games with them all at the same time. You can even set up Discord bots to customise your server and request your friends to join your group! Doesn’t it sound perfect for a streamer and gamers? But still, there is something that can ruin your all excitement, i.e. Discord Webcam Not working.

Nevertheless, if you are a casual gamer and prefer to use Discord for voice chat and Discord voice changer; then Discord Webcam Not working issues won’t make any difference in your gameplay. Because most gamers probably don’t want their friends to see them chatting with their buddies while playing their favourite titles.

Nonetheless, if you are a streamer, it will be a pain for you, because you won’t be able to share videos and photos right through your Webcam. We also agree that every gamer doesn’t need the spotlight of a large Twitch audience.

However, if you are a discord user and your discord webcam has stopped working or causing errors. Then there are a few things that you can try to tackle this issue. Some of these are:

Discord Webcam Not working

The First Method to Solve Discord Webcam Not Working:

Turn on App permissions to Fix Discord Webcam Not Working

If you have just installed Discord on your system and getting Discord Webcam Not Working issue. Then this might be the solution you are looking for. Just like mobiles, if we install anything on our laptops or computers, we can’t use the Webcam until we allow the app to access the camera. So, Find the “App permissions” and permit to access Webcam. If permission is already given, then keep reading, we have figured it out for you!

Update OS of your Device

There are regular updates of OS of the respective device. And these updates are mostly related to bug fixes. When you get discord webcam has stopped working message, go to settings and check if there are any updates for pending Windows windows. If there are any, then install them. If there are not any updates, then keep reading.

Update Webcam Drivers

You can do this by downloading and installing updates whenever they become available. The good news about these updates is that you will find them offered automatically by your system – meaning you won’t have to do anything whatsoever. Just check to see whether you have any new updates for your programs installed and then you’ll have them automatically downloaded and installed. That’s all there is to it.

If you have trouble remembering to do this, though, you can always use this handy guide to make sure you don’t forget anytime in the future.

Another way to update webcam drivers on your system is to use the built-in driver update tool within Windows. That is a great feature that many people don’t realize exists (it’s available on the Control Panel window). You can either open the Control Panel by clicking on the Start button at the bottom left-hand corner and selecting “Control Panel”.

Search for it, and double-click to open it. Inside, you’ll find an option for Driver Download, and a pull-down box will allow you to select update Driver Program. Click this to start the process, and you’ll be able to pick out the latest updates for your specific OS.

Update Graphics Drivers

If updating camera drivers haven’t worked then updating the graphic drivers can sort this out as graphics card is linked to display and it can be some bug that is causing problems. So update graphic drivers and then turn on Webcam, it’ll probably start working!

Turn off hardware acceleration to Fix Discord Webcam Not Working

However, if you are still facing the same issue, go to Discord, open settings and Turn off “Hardware acceleration”. It may start working again. 

Fix your Webcam

If all the steps as mentioned above haven’t worked, try this. It definitely will work out. Try opening the camera app from the windows and see if the camera is properly working. There is quite a possibility that you have installed antivirus, which may prevent Webcam from being used by any other application. In this case, try uninstalling antivirus program and then open the camera. Moreover, try changing the USB ports if you have attached a webcam and do not use a built-in Webcam on the laptop. 


Discord is free for all; you don’t have to pay any extra money to chat with your friends. And this free service offers amazing features built into it such as private messaging, allowing you to restrict that to certain people, and the ability to mute members you don’t want to speak to. If you are facing your Webcam issues, then follow the steps mentioned above, everything will start working just as well as it always did.

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