Did Susie And Clayton Break Up? Are They Still Together?

After breaking up with Susie Evans, former Bachelor Clayton Echard isn’t in the mood to start dating again. On-screen and off, the two hit a few speed bumps. Initially, Susie left the show after learning that Clayton had slept with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia in the Fantasy Suites. Initially, she rejected his attempts to win her back.

However, after another turn of events, they reconciled on After the Final Rose. But things weren’t all roses when the show ended. Despite enduring a discredited adultery accusation and the difficulties of long-distance dating, Clayton and Susie decided to end their relationship in September.

Clayton is finally talking about what he’s been concentrating on since the separation. “I’m not seeking to date right now,” Clayton told E! News, adding that he has not yet “mentally healed” from his breakup with Susie. The 29-year-old said, “I can’t even fathom viewing somebody in that way right now,” so she was “truly just taking this time to focus on herself.”

‘If I’m not healed, then I can’t let anybody else be a part of my life,’ the ex-Bachelorette stressed. Clayton has BDD, recently spoke about it, and joined the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. The ex-NFL player also revealed to E! that therapy, exercise, and journaling are all part of his recovery.

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After harsh criticism on The Bachelorette, Clayton said he would consider his mental health before deciding whether to try TV dating again. So, he went on to elaborate, “Where I’ll be a year from now is completely unknown to me based on where I am right now. Perhaps I’ll be in a more favourable frame of mind, but I can’t help but feel that this is a permanent part of who I am.”

Who Is Clayton Echard?

Bachelorette Michelle Young had several suitors, and Clayton Echard was one of them. Michelle did not give the former NFL player a final rose, but he did become The Bachelor. His season got off to a good start because he is a fan favourite. However, when antagonist Shanae Ankney made her debut, viewers were not fond of Clayton’s response to her.

After she made fun of Elizabeth Corrigan for having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), he decided to gift her a rose. While he insisted subsequently that he didn’t have all the facts, other competitors had their doubts. Finally, following a two-on-one date, she was eliminated in week five. That, however, was only the beginning. His season’s disappointing conclusion was a real bummer.

Clayton and Susie’s Relationship

With Clayton and Susie together, at last, things appeared to be looking up. Clayton relocated to Virginia Beach so he could be with his sweetheart. “The team is making preparations for the long term. Although Clayton is visiting Virginia, neither of us has brought up the subject of getting engaged or getting married, “Evans revealed to PEOPLE.

After settling in, they recorded themselves dancing and released it to TikTok with the caption, “Finding out we’re equally as strange.” In March of this year, Clayton and Susie were on a road trip across the country, and in April, Clayton took Susie to Eureka, Missouri, his hometown. It seemed like everything was fine between them.

Did Clayton Echard Cheat on Susie Evans?

Clayton’s infidelity with Susie was reported in April. A New York City resident, Sasha Narang, claimed on TikTok that she had dated The Bachelor after meeting him in a bar. She claimed she had to look up the man’s name on the Internet at home before she realized who he was.

Echard has categorically refuted the allegation. Using the GPS tracking app, he shared a movie showing himself working out in Arizona rather than in New York City. Actor Noah Erb, who played Clayton on “The Bachelorette,” supported him. Taking to Instagram, he revealed that Sasha had been “catfished” by someone posing as The Bachelor.

When A Relationship Ends: Clayton and Susie Rank

Additionally, Clayton stated that he and Susie are doing well despite the breakup, noting that they have “checked in a couple of times since we’ve broken up just basically saying, ‘Hey, how are you doing?'” “At the end of the day, we realize what we’ve been through is different from what anyone else has experienced,” he said, referring to their shared experience.

Did Clayton Echard Cheat on Susie Evans?
Did Clayton Echard Cheat on Susie Evans?

Negative comments were posted about both Clayton and Susie on the Internet. We’ll be among the select few. He said, “who will truly understand one other in that sense.” He conceded that they had no idea what the future would bring. The two Missouri natives “clearly” will always respect and love each other, and “I think that’s fantastic to be where it’s not a hostile ex situation.”

“It’s more like how we’re loving and caring, but we just want the best for each other, and who knows what that looks like?” It was no surprise to many viewers of “The Bachelor Nation,” but others wouldn’t be surprised to see Clayton and Susie reuniting again. Stranger things have transpired in the course of the franchise’s history.

Meanwhile, many believe Clayton and Rachel will try dating again. Zach Shallcross, one of Rachel’s competitors, will replace Clayton as The Bachelor. Zach’s casting has been criticized like his predecessor, but only time will tell if his season ends up more successful.

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