Did Leah And Jaylan Mobley Break Up From Teen Mom: The Next Chapter?

Leah And Jaylan Mobley Break Up:  Fans of Teen Mom just want Leah Messer to find the man of her dreams and live happily ever after with him. Some even identified the man as Jaylan Mobley. However, once Leah and Jaylan broke up, viewers were left wondering what caused the breakup and whether or not their relationship problems would be included in a future season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

When it comes to her life on reality TV, Leah has always been very open and honest. Including, most recently, her romance with Jaylan. On the show, she gradually exposes Jaylan to her loved ones; he made an appearance in Season 1 of Teen Mom: Family Reunion. At first, it seemed like Jaylan would be staying put, but we now know that is not the case.

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Why Did Leah And Jaylan Mobley Break Up?

In 2010, 16 and Pregnant introduced fans to Leah Messer. Relationship conflict in the West Virginia native’s life has been in the spotlight ever since. The former couple may have appeared happy on the web, but their relationship did not work out in the end.

“The last year has been full with incredible opportunities for us both, but we’ve come to the conclusion that we’re better off going in different directions. Because of the development, experiences, and memories we’ve shared in this relationship, “, Leah and Jaylan told PEOPLE in a joint statement.

Countless of you have followed our courtship, and we cherish the prospect that you will continue to do so as friends. We’ve learned a lot about each other and have grown closer as a result of this experience, but we need some space to ourselves as we move ahead.” After that, Jaylan was spotted packing up his things and leaving the $515,000 home they had shared.

He is reportedly moving roughly 45 minutes away from Leah’s residence, according to TMZ’s sources. While the precise reasons for the breakup remain unknown, insiders have told The U.S. Sun that Jaylan was suspected of “cheating” on Leah. Leah found evidence that suggested he was unfaithful, “according to the source.

When Did Leah And Jaylan Mobley Breakup?

Just two months after getting engaged, on October 11, the MTV stars publicly announced their breakup. It’s been a fantastic year for both of us, but we’ve decided to go our own ways. Leah and Jaylan told In Touch, “We are so appreciative for the lessons, progress, and memories we’ve experienced in our relationship. “Many of you have followed our romance as it developed, and we thank you for that. We ask that you continue to follow our stories as we go ahead as friends.”

How Long Were Leah And Jaylan Mobley Together?

When asked when Jaylan proposed, the mother of three children said it was in August, during their one-year anniversary trip to Costa Rica. Significant progress had already been made in the couple’s relationship by April, when they had bought a property together. The U.S. Army officer’s name appears on the deed of the home exclusively reported by In Touch. In the early morning hours of October 13th, Jaylan was seen packing up his stuff and loading them into moving trucks.

TMZ’s sources say he’s moving 45 minutes away from the shared home he had with the TV celebrity. Until then, Leah is responsible for supervising her three young children at home. The veteran MTV star has two sets of twins, Aliannah and Aleeah, with her first ex-husband Corey Simms, and a daughter named Adalyn with her second ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert.

How Long Were Leah And Jaylan Mobley Together?
How Long Were Leah And Jaylan Mobley Together?

What Did Leah Messer Say About Living With Jaylan Mobley Before Their Split?

During an exclusive video interview in August with In Touch, Leah discussed the adjustment of her girls to life with Jaylan. She explained the development by saying, “It happened organically.” Maybe if things had gone differently, we would have taken a step back and had a serious conversation about everything. The West Virginian lady also talked to Jaylan about her views about starting a family.

She summed up her feelings about their relationship by saying, “All I know is that we love each other, and at the end of the day, that’s the foundation I want to create for our relationship, my kids, and our future kids.” In a sense, that’s where we are now as well. While Leah and her ex-husband were still getting situated into their new house on November 4, an exclusive report from In Touch revealed that the former NASA employee had “pocketed” the money she had given him for a down payment.

“I’m not sure 100 percent how things went down because I don’t think Leah knows,” the source close to the two stated. Leah is now 99 percent certain that he lied to her about needing a down payment for the house.

The complete purchase price was financed by a mortgage from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs program, sometimes known as a VA loan, as confirmed by In Touch. But the VA loan does not require a down payment “as long as the sales price isn’t higher than the home’s appraised worth,” as stated on the official website of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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