Did Cody And Andres Break Up: Reason Behind Their Separation?

Despite being together for over four years, Cody Rigsby and Andres Alfaro recently split up. They’ve broken up and don’t see each other anymore. Splitting up is a common occurrence in modern society.

It’s hard to accept that a relationship has failed, whether you’re the one getting dumped or the one trying to find out how to break up with the other person. After hearing that Rigsby and Alfaro got into a brawl, fans are curious as to whether or not there was any third-party involvement.

People are discussing their breakup or the decision to keep their romance private in the comments of their social media posts. Find out how long they were together and what led to their recent split by reading on.

Who Is Cody Rigsby?

Cody Rigsby, a 34-year-old fitness teacher, is famous for his sizzling commentary and infectious dance movements on the popular workout app Peloton.

Rigsby, a member of the Peloton team for the past six years, was recently called the “King of Quarantine” after being one of the most famous stationary cycles and strength training instructors during the Covid-19 shutdown.

Rigsby began her career as a dancer, performing alongside artists such as Katy Perry and Pitbull and dancing burlesque in New York and at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Dancing with the Stars partner Cheryl Burke, who dances with Rigsby, has been diagnosed with a breakthrough case of Covid-19 and must enter quarantine immediately.

Who Is Cody Rigsby’s Partner?

Andres Alfaro, a former partner of Cody Rigsby’s, is a trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp. General Manager with extensive experience in the health, wellness, and fitness industry; Alfaro has a solid track record of accomplishment in this field.

He is well-versed in the Fitness Industry, Operations Management, Talent Management, Leadership, Quality Control, and Customer Service and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Community Health from Hunter College.

Even though they haven’t followed one other on Instagram in months, neither of them has come out as single. But it takes time to move on from someone after four years of dating, especially if it was challenging to come out to their friends and family in the first place.

They spent almost two years getting to know one other before they were comfortable enough to announce their relationship to the world, which was subject to scrutiny and judgment. If they have moved on, they have managed to keep it a secret.

Did Cody And Andres Break Up?

Cody Rigsby and Andres Alfaro are no longer a couple, albeit the exact date of their split is unknown. There have been speculations circulating on Twitter that Rigsby broke up with Alfaro. Although they are no longer an item, neither has announced it publicly.

Looking at their Instagram posts beginning in April this year, you’ll see they broke up. They separated as Instagram followers. They’ve even gone so far as to untag any images of themselves together that had been posted online before.

The pictures have not been removed. They probably do not want their admirers to know they are no longer a couple. After both parties stopped sharing photos of themselves in public together on social media, people began to suspect an ugly split.

Is Cody Single Now/?
Is Cody Single Now/?

Is Cody Single Now?

After being with Andres Alfaro for four years, Cody Rigsby is now available for new relationships. Cody, an American dancer and fitness instructor, is widely known worldwide. After finishing college, Rigsby worked with Pitbull, Saturday Night Live, and Katy Perry. Many of his past gigs were in gay bars and clubs.

He danced alongside Nicki Minaj at the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. They started dating in 2018 but didn’t tell anyone until March 2020. As of April 2022, they appear to have broken up as a pair. They have been seen on vacations, live sporting events, and on social media posts since their love was made public.

During a previous interview with Vogue, the Peloton coach opened out about his relationship with his girlfriend and how things improved after they decided to go public with their relationship.

Net Worth

It has been estimated that by 2022, Cody Rigsby will have a net worth of approximately $5 million. He shot to fame in the fitness world and is now considered a significant player in national celebrity endorsements.

Working as a fitness instructor and health expert at Peloton is where he makes the bulk of his salary. With each Peloton class taught by Cody Rigsby, he pockets $750.

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