Did Acacia and Jairus Break Up? Did They Cheated on Each Other?

Here we are talking about Did Acacia and Jairus Break Up? Acacia Kersey (née Brinley), an actress and influencer, has stirred up plenty of controversy over the years. Acacia got her start on Tumblr and quickly became well-known. But as her fan base increased, many people began to notice that she was plagiarising work from other authors. In addition, as some of her older tweets reappeared, supporters accused her of being racist. Acacia quickly rose to the status of the popularly despised girl. In October 2021, she made the decision to stop using social media. “Time to move on. The downsides of being an influencer finally outweigh the positives,” she said in a now-deleted Instagram post, according to Buzzfeed. “This role has done an incredible amount of damage to me, my relationships, my financial security, and my view of the world.”

Acacia quit the internet as she had promised. But she began to reappear on social media in late 2022. Fans are attempting to catch up on her life now that she’s back. It’s rumoured that she and her husband Jairus Kersey split up. Ist das so? This is what we do know.

Did Acacia and Jairus Break Up?

To let her admirers know what she had been up to, Acacia put together a TikTok video that was published on December 7. She captioned the photo, “While I’ve been away, plenty of joy, lots of grief. Just delighted to be here.”

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The highs and lows of her break were depicted in the video. Acacia was shown to the audience both smiling and sobbing. Many users began to speculate earlier this year that Acacia and Jairus had broken up on Twitter. A comment Acacia made in response to one of her admirers on TikTok confirmed these thoughts.

Did Acacia and Jairus Break Up?

“Hello Mrs.,” Wrote One Fan on Her Video. Acacia Responded With, “More Like Ms.”

It’s still unknown if they received a divorce, but afterward, a Twitter account purporting to be Jairus tweeted about the encounter, which he described as “awkward.” Jairus, who formerly served as the band Alive Like Me’s lead vocalist, and Acacia have been married since 2018. She was 17 years old when they first met, and Jairus was 24. The age difference in their relationship was frequently criticized.

Is Acacia Expecting Her Fourth Child Now?

Brinley, Rosemary, and Cali are the three children that Acacia and Jairus Kersey have together. On November 17, a Twitter account purporting to be Acacia stated that she was baking another bun. Fans enquired as to Jarius’ paternity, but the account never responded. On Reddit, fans have debated the reasons they think Acacia and Jairus split up.

One commenter said that the couple was drifting apart and that she became pregnant in an effort to save the marriage. Others said that since Acacia could barely handle one child at the time, she had no business having two more. According to others, Jairus provided Acacia with the financial security it needed.

Did Jairus Cheat on Acacia?

There is some suspicion, but there is no concrete proof that Jairus cheated on Acacia. Jairus was engaged to another lady when he initially started seeing Acacia. With Acacia, he had an affair. He’s been unfaithful in the past, so there’s a chance he did it again.

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