Dianna Agron Addresses Past Taylor Swift Dating Rumors

Dianna Agron, the star of Glee, and Taylor Swift were good friends in 2012; Swift gave Agron a shout-out in the liner notes of her smash song “22.” Swift listed down the names of some of her friends who helped her celebrate her 22nd birthday in a hidden message in the album booklet when she released Red, as Genius noted: “Ashley [Avignone], Dianna [Agron], Claire [Kislinger], Selena [Gomez].”

Some fans questioned the nature of Agron and Swift’s connection and whether anything romantic occurred behind Swift’s back. As evidence of the influence of Swift’s legend and her life-themed blind-item songs, others had complex conspiracy theories and timelines. Agron handled the relationship rumors diplomatically in a recent interview with Rolling Stone—and admittedly with some surprise that they ever existed.

Dianna Agron Addresses Past Taylor Swift Dating Rumors

When asked how Agron inspired Swift’s song “22,” Marlow Stern of Rolling Stone mentioned her in the liner notes. “Me? “Agron rebuffed. What a shame! That is more due to friendship than being the source of the song’s inspiration. I would not be the one to inquire about that, though. That’s not something I can say!”

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What do you think about how that friendship was reported in the media? Stern continued. You two were delivered. “Shipped?” Agron enquired. He clarified, “The media and some fans made you two out to be in a relationship. She remarked, “That is so fascinating.”

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“I… I mean, there have been a lot of things about my love life that have been so wildly false. That’s hilarious. That was all she had to say about it. It is now being told that Swift is sexily dating Matty Healy. According to E!, Agron’s lover is Belgian painter Harold Ancart, who she was spotted kissing in November.


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