Dear White People Season 4: The Latest Trailer Hints At An Emotional Musical Farewell

There are very few shows which are dominated by black actors and “Dear
White People” is one of the best in the category. The show, which has 3 seasons up till now, experienced a spike in ratings during the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020. The satirical show, shows the real face of racial prejudice in the best way and it has received positive reviews and support from all around the world. Well, good news for fans because Dead White People Season 4 is confirmed but sadly it will be the last installment of the franchise. But is there a release date for the 4th season?

The show takes its inspiration from Justin Simien’s 2014 indie film of the same name. It revolves around the issues that black people face on a daily basis. It is set in a fictional university where most of the student body is white and where racism is at its peak. The first season picks up from where the movie ended, the protagonist Sam White tries his best to cut down the racism in different ways. And the later seasons also revolve around her trying to spread awareness about other important sensitive issues.

The creator of the series Justin Simien announced a while back that the series will return for the 4th season but for the last time. So, this cancels out all the hope we had for the 5th season to happen. In Dear White People Season 4 Samantha, Lionel and the rest of the squad will be seen graduating. But what other than that? To know more continue reading the article.

Dear White People Season 4 Release Date

Due to the pandemic the 4th season couldn’t be released in 2020 as per its schedule. And then the infinite lockdowns further delayed the production so the 4th installment was put on a temporary halt. Dear White People Season 4 will be released on 22nd September 2021! Many new seasons will drop in the same months so it is going to be a busy month for the streaming giant.


Dear White People is known for its cast full of people of colour. And in the 4th season most of the key characters will return. They include; Logan Browning as Sam, Antoinette Robertson as Coco, and Brandon P. Bell as Troy, Marque Richardson as Reggie, DeRon Horton as Lionel, John Patrick Amedori as Gabe, and Ashley Blaine Featherson as Joelle. What about the supporting cast? As the story will be told in continuity other supporting cast members will also feature in Dear White People Season 4.

However there is one exception; Jeremy Tardy who plays Rashid Mburu will not star in the upcoming season due to some complications between the cast members. There are a few new additions to the cast as well!

Rome Flynn as David and Karamo Brown in an unknown role. David will have to do something with Coco. This is all that we know about his character details so far but as there is still a few months till the new season’s release we are hopeful that the showrunners will soon disclose more information.


Dear White People is an anthology series which means that every new season revolves around a different topic but with the same characters. So, the 4th season will deal with its own storyline but we know that the students will now be in their final year of university. It will also focus on the capitalism issues regarding the Black Lives Matter protests. Simien in an interview said: “So, what happens to a Black life after it’s been declared that it mattered was really the question of this season before we realized how urgent that question needed to be asked. There’s also just a big aesthetic idea behind this season that will be revealed later that I’m really, really excited about and really sets the season apart from any version of ‘Dear White People’ that’s come before it.”

However, the trailer for Dear White People Season 4 hints at a musical theme of the upcoming season. This approach is quite different from the past seasons and we are sure that the writers will not disappoint us!

Order of X will also be explored further in the 4th season because the squad did not get sufficient time to solve that mystery. Will they succeed in unveiling the dark truth of Order of X? Guess we will have to wait until Dear White People Season 4 releases!


You can watch the full-fledged trailer on Netflix’s official Youtube account. Watch it before you forget! Fans are already speculating about the 5th season. And if you are one such fan then we have got bad news for you because Simien is working on some other TV Show and Dear White People is supposed to end its run with the upcoming 4th installment. But nothing to fret about because we are about to get a new season to binge watch!

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