Deadly Class Season 2: Renewal Updates, Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and More

Are you looking for updates on thriller drama, Deadly Class season two? Is it renewed or not? Catch all the latest updates on the show till date.


Deadly Class is an American television series which first  premiered as a special preview online on December 20, 2018 later on January 16, 2019 which served a total of 10 episodes.  This adventure black comedy is based on the comic book series of the same name, which was later adapted by Rick Remender and Miles Orion Feldsott for Syfy. The drama was created by Remender and Wesley Craig. The series serves the story of the late-1980s around Kings Dominion, which is an elite private academy  private school where the elite crime families send their next generations. Filming of season 1 took place in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Talking about the reception of the show, it received mixed reviews from critics but was loved by the fans. The series was praised for phenomenal  cast, visuals and in other categories as well. It was said that despite the smart casting and well execution, Deadly could not meet the mark like other spooky teen series. This made the chances slim for another installment. But fans were eagerly waiting for another season; later it was announced that the series would not serve any further season.

Deadly Class Season 2: Is it happening?

It would be disheartening for the fans, but the show is not supposed to come with another installment as it was shown as a red flag in 2019. There was high demand amongst fans who were craving for season 2 after season 1 wrapped on March 20, 2019. The show first aired in 2018, in the collaboration of Universal Cable Productions and Sony Pictures Television. Despite the demand, it was announced that the show was canceled for the second installment. Syfy has canceled season 2, and the reasons provided for cancellation were low ratings and critics’ response. Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, which hinted towards the story continuation along with that it attracted the attention of more than one million viewers but due to mixed reviews from critics and low graphs in profit chart, it could not make it till part 2.


Rick Remender, executive procedure of the show tried every possible effort  to find a new home for Deadly Class season 2 but till now there is no news for the same. In June 2019, Rick shared  that the series got canceled because another streaming platform that could revive the story, was not met. Starzplay acquired the rights of the UK to stream season 1 of the black comedy. Later it was revealed that it would not revive the story.


Considering all the facts, we may not get season 2 of the show, as it is cancelled. In case makers found any other home for the show, it could be revived, however the chances seem pretty low for the comeback of the story.


Cast: Who will be there in season 2  if it comes? 

The  season got attention because of the notable performance of the characters. Casting was praised all over. It was expected that season 2 would reprise most of the roles but it got canceled. So we may not get the chance to enjoy those characters, however if  the story arrives, in any case, We may surely have the stunning cast of season 1. The main cast of season 1 includes following names

  • Benedict Wong as Master Lin, headmaster of King’s Dominion.
  • Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus Lopez Arguello
  • Lana Condor as Saya Kuroki
  • Maria Gabriela de Faría as Maria Salazar
  • Luke Tennie as Willie Lewis
  • Liam James as Billy Bennett
  • Michel Duval as Chico
  • Taylor Hickson as Petra
  • Siobhan Williams as Brandy Lynn
  • Sean Depner as Viktor.
  • Jack Gillett as Lex Miller
  • Isaiah Lehtinen as Shabnam
  • Juan Grey as Juan


We also had Tom Stevens as Chester Fuckface Wilson, Sam Jin Coates as Yukio, Brian, Posehn as Dwight Shandy, Olivia Cheng as Madame Gao, David Zayas as El Alma Del Diablo, Viva Lee as Nahia, Victor Andres Trelles Turgeon and some other guests.


Plotine: What is expected from Deadly Class season 2?

Season 1 left us in the middle leaving several questions behind, the fans are quite disappointed that they won’t be getting the answers on the twists.


If the story continues, it would have taken us to explore more of the 1980s. We would get more on King Dominin’s academy. But for now, it is cancelled and in the absence of any hints, it would be pretty tricky to comment on the storyline of season 2. The series is an adaptation of manga so we could find the answers from there only, if it does not come in the frame.



It is quite obvious that we will not get the trailer as the show stands canceled. If you have not watched season 1 of the thriller drama, you can check it on Syfy.


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