David Copperfield Net Worth: The Magic Man Who Never Stops

The 66-year-old American magician David Copperfield gained fame for disappearing acts, including the Statue of Liberty and the Great Wall of China. In 2013, he already has almost twenty Emmys to his name. If you want to know how much money David has, keep scrolling down.

David Copperfield Net Worth

American illusionist David Copperfield is worth a reported $1 billion. David is, without a doubt, the wealthiest magician in the world. The roughly 515 shows he performs yearly at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas contribute significantly to his annual income of $40–$60 million. His first month as a billionaire was July 2018.

Even though Las Vegas had to close in 2020 owing to a Coronavirus outbreak, David did not lay off any employees and continued to pay their salaries in full.

For almost 40 years, Copperfield has amazed audiences with his astonishing magic tricks and programs on television. His talents have included vanishing the Statue of Liberty and strolling through the Great Wall of China. He also established the world’s largest collection of magical artifacts at the International Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts in Las Vegas, Nevada.

David Copperfield: The Magic Man Who Never Stops

David Copperfield sold over 3 million tickets annually and made over $50 million in income during his active years (until 2006). Copperfield has broken numerous records in the magic business, including the most shows performed in a year, the most tickets sold by a single performer, the most money made by a magician, and the most people in the audience in one week on Broadway.

Even now, Copperfield still does several shows in Sin City, where he can pull in $2 million or more with each performance. According to a recent interview, David Copperfield plans to continue performing for the foreseeable future.

Copperfield’s TV Show: A Million Viewers and Counting

Copperfield's TV Show A Million Viewers and Counting

For 38 years, Copperfield’s TV magic and illusion show has wowed audiences by the millions. David Copperfield’s TV show was one of ABC’s most successful at its height, drawing in over 6 million viewers weekly.

ABC paid Copperfield $20 million per year for his TV series, and he still makes $3 million from his syndication deals.

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Copperfield’s Manhattan Penthouse

Copperfield, one of the wealthiest performers in the world, has a vast array of properties. He spent $50 million 2006 to acquire his private island in the Bahamas, which he named Musha Cay.

Copperfield spent $17.55 million 1997 to buy the penthouse at the International Toy Center skyscraper in Manhattan. Over 8,000 square feet, this apartment offers breathtaking panoramas of the city.

Copperfield bought a $4.7 million estate in Las Vegas as a vacation house in 2020.

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