Daisy Edgar Jones Dating: Is She In A Relationship In 2022?

Daisy Edgar Jones Dating: All eyes are on Daisy Edgar-Jones. With the release of her newest film, Where The Crawdads Sing, she is once again the talk of the town. After falling in love with her in the movie version of the best-selling book by Sally Rooney, Normal People, and in the central part of the horror-comedy film, Fresh, our admiration for the young actress has been officially revived.

Her cover story in the August 2022 issue of Marie Claire, in which she discusses her transition to the big screen, is another impressive achievement.

A person’s romantic life is bound to come up in conversation when such a person is a girl. Is she contentedly single or in a relationship? Who exactly has she previously given her heart to? Keep reading to find out the truth about Who Is Daisy Edgar-Jones Dating In 2022?

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Relationship Background Of Daisy Edgar Jones

Actress Daisy Edgar-Jones, then 22 years old, and actor Sebastian Stan, then 38 years old, were sighted together in March 2021, appearing very comfortable with one another as they posed for photos and sipped wine.

Dailymail reports that the two shared “delightful” chemistry before dinner. Later, as they strolled down the street, they stopped so that Jones could take Stan’s picture. A week before the occasion in question — in this case, the 2021 Golden Globe Awards — Stan was also spotted delivering a flower to Jones’ residence.

When Jones was nominated for Best Actress in a Limited Series for her role in Normal People but lost to Anya Taylor-Joy in Queen’s Gambit, he reportedly bought her flowers to cheer her up. Those are only some of the things that happened.

The British actress and the Romanian-born hunk were photographed filming passionate kissing scenes in the same month. Fans became convinced that the pair were dating since they spent so much time together and posted many images of themselves on Instagram.

Relationship speculation was sparked by their public appearances and social media activities, but upon closer inspection, they appear to be more like friends and coworkers than a dating couple. It’s safe to assume that Jones is alone and not seeing anyone. Recent observations have shown that she is putting professional ambitions first.

Daisy Edgar-jones And Rumored Boyfriend Sebastian Stan Starring In ‘Fresh’

Fresh (2022 film), directed by Mimi Cave from a scenario by Lauryn Kahn, will star both Jones and Stan. They were both working on the same project in 2021, and speculation of a romantic relationship was stoked by photos from the set. The plot details of the upcoming social thriller Fresh are currently being kept under wraps by the studio.

Daisy Edgar-jones Dated Tom Varey In The Past

In 2018, the English actress dated Tom Varey. On the set of the movie Pond Life, they cross paths. This couple was head over heels for one another and thrilled for each other’s success. In late 2020, however, Jones and Varey decided to end their relationship to put more energy into their respective professions.

Reports also indicate that despite their split, Jones and Varey remain cordial to one another. After meeting in 2018 on the set of Pond Life, Daisy and Tom began dating and eventually became an item.

They loved each other deeply and were very close, but they were still young and wanted to focus more on their careers. Jones and Varey are still good friends, although their romance did not work out.

In recent years, Jones has put her full attention on her acting profession and has been inundated with film roles. Varey is in the same boat. They’ve both moved on graciously and are keeping their current relationships under wraps. Scroll down and read about Who Is Daisy Edgar-Jones Dating In 2022?

Daisy Edgar-jones Dated Tom Varey In The Past
Daisy Edgar-jones Dated Tom Varey In The Past

Who Is Daisy Edgar-Jones Dating In 2022?

It would seem that the actress is currently single due to her highly hectic work schedule, which includes filming, photoshoots, and everything else. However, given how secretive she is, it’s not out of the question that she has a secret boyfriend.

She was falsely accused of dating both Paul Mescal and Sebastian Stan (at different times, of course), although she had terrific on-screen chemistry with and remains good friends with both actors. Jones, Mescal, and Mescal’s rumoured fiancée, Phoebe Bridgers, are all close friends of Jones’s.

All three lucky people were seen together at the 2022 Met Gala and have been seen together on numerous other occasions. We want to know if we can officially become part of this group of pals. The speculation about her romantic life can wait till she makes an official statement.

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