Crystal Kung Minkoff Considered Ozempic During Eating Disorder Recovery: I Checked Myself

The challenges Crystal Kung Minkoff has with an eating issue are being spoken about openly. At her co-star Dorit Kemsley’s Homeless Not Toothless Hollywood Gala at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles on Saturday, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 40, talked openly about whether she had ever thought of competing in the Olympics.

Of course, I’ve considered it, she admitted to Page Six. But for me personally, it’s not a healthy place for my recuperation. Kung Minkoff has openly discussed her long-standing battle with bulimia, telling the publication, “From someone who has struggled [with an eating disorder] their whole life, I’ve always looked for things to fix it for me.”

“I’ve never made assumptions about or despised people who pursue alternative methods of [weight loss].” If I said I hadn’t given it some thought, I’d be lying,” Kung Minkoff said. “Then I have to assess whether that is appropriate for my recovery and I’m in a very specific situation,” the speaker continued.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Considered Ozempic During Eating Disorder Recovery: I Checked Myself

The off-label usage of Ozempic, a prescription medication for diabetes, for weight loss has made it popular on social media and in Hollywood circles. According to what I gather, there is a shortage of diabetics, in which case I believe everyone should cease using it entirely. If that’s the case, it’s all for vanity,” the reality star stated. It bothers me because of it.

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It ultimately comes down to giving it to those who need it the most urgently. Other than that, it truly is up to the individual. It’s up to them whether it’s private or public,” she continued. After first being reluctant to discuss her bulimia on the Bravo show, Kung Minkoff said that she is now in a “really good place” in her rehabilitation. “Obviously, it became a big deal last year,” she said.

Even though there were many chuckles, it raises awareness, which is ultimately what they are after, and I think it’s fantastic. The TV star spoke out about her battles with disordered eating to her RHOBH co-stars during the last season, saying to in August, “I was never going to deep dive into it. It was intense, yet I managed to speak about it without getting choked up.

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If you don’t have an eating disorder, it’s difficult to comprehend one, she added. It is intricate and subtle, and every individual’s experience is unique. “I’ve been in therapy since I was 11,” Kung Minkoff continued. It drains your mental energy. But because I’ve put so much effort into it, I no longer feel ashamed. I’m making an effort.


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