Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2: Is It Officially Renewed In 2022?

A new reality baking competition will debut on Fox in May 2021 with the premiere of Crime Scene Kitchen. Fans were enthralled by the competition’s investigative character and eager to learn if there would be any more. Fox has renewed Crime Scene Kitchen season 2, and here’s everything we know thus far, about a year after they first announced the news.

Bakers are challenged to re-create sweets from the “Crime Scene Kitchen” using only hints provided by host Joel McHale. Dessert and showcase are the two rounds in every episode. The team that correctly guesses the dessert in the first round receives an additional clue in the final round.

Anyone who correctly predicts the dessert during the finale is spared from elimination. They are graded on taste, and whoever performs poorly is expelled from the competition.

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 Plot

The applicants’ preparation is the main subject of the program. The contestant must become familiar with the ingredients used in the many cakes displayed on the show. The Joel McHale-hosted cooking competition starts in the kitchen that was just used to make a delicious, scrumptious dessert that has since vanished.

To find out what was prepared in the kitchen, teams of two chefs must search it for hints and ingredients. This round’s judges are chef Curtis Stone and cake designer Yolanda Gampp, so each team must create a dish to impress them.

The dessert maker who can use their technical know-how, creativity, and problem-solving skills to decode and duplicate the most extraordinary cakes and desserts worldwide will win a $100,000 cash prize. The second season’s topic will also probably stay the same, but it’s customary for the characters to change their responsibilities to reflect this.

Despite the show’s revival, no new details regarding its story have been made public. The announcement of the contestant’s next task by the official is eagerly anticipated by the audience. There haven’t been any new developments, though.

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 1 Recap

They were sent home after the secret dessert was revealed to be a classic Napoleon, and the mother-daughter duo, Emma and Leslie, could not save themselves. As a result, the last obstacle had to be faced. Since it was also Judge Yolanda Gump’s birthday, may the remaining competitors face more challenges besides preparing a lavish dessert for her special day?

Episodes followed their own set of guidelines. Participants had to scavenge the crime scene kitchen for ingredient clues, but once they did, they were free to cook up anything they pleased. The only cake would do. Laurie and Jason, husband and wife, constructed a three-tiered cake with beautiful sugar decoration and multiple frosting flavors.

It didn’t seem like her birthday to Yolanda. She was correct; she did not flaunt her birthday by dressing flamboyantly. Her three-tiered cake was prepared by mom-and-child duo Thomas and Kathy. The outside of the cake is white, while the front features an italicized Y. Lastly, they topped it all off with three truffles. Lovely, but not special enough to be a birthday cake.

That glittery dress was made for Yolanda. That’s no piece of cake! This way, she can reach her pals, Luis and Natalie. You went out of your way about this. They baked a three-tiered cake from which colorful sprinkles were poured upon cutting the top tier. Unless it yells “happy birthday,” it’s useless. Even the cake, topped with cake and fondant candles, was a pretty shade of pink.

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 Cast

There were 9 episodes in the first season of the television program Crime Scene Kitchen. Bakers are challenged to identify the type of dessert made in a kitchen in each episode using only crumbs, flour trails, and a few hints.

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 Cast
Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 Cast

After that, they must make the designated desserts from scratch for the judges. Each episode has two rounds, with the first round’s victors receiving an additional hint in the second round. The team with the weakest performance in the second “Showpiece” round is eliminated.

Speaking of the cast, Joel will probably return as the host for Crime Scene Kitchen season 2, given that he is also listed as a producer. Yolanda and Curtis’ future as judges has not yet been made official. According to rumors, Curtis won’t be coming back because of his participation in Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend on Netflix.

On the other hand, the Iron Chef revival doesn’t air until June 15. Thus, production was likely wrapped up earlier. Therefore, Curtis’ availability for an appearance on Crime Scene Kitchen may still be possible.

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 Release Date

The release date for Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 will be covered in this section. The second season of Crime Scene Kitchen will air in 2023. Fox will host the program’s initial debut. On May 26, 2021, Crime Scene Kitchen debuted its inaugural season. Fox then decided to renew the second season.

Other cookery programs are not like Crime Scene Kitchen. It is based on the original format and features incredible baked products. It is a fantastic family guessing game. Simply avoid watching the show if you are hungry.

Luis and Natalie, who also happened to win the show’s first season, are among the teams. The second-place finishers were Lorie and Jason, while the first-place finishers were Cathy and Thomas. On July 21, 2021, the ninth and last episode of the first season debuted. Crime Scene Kitchen is available on Hulu, Netflix, and Fox.

You may watch the show on YouTube in the UK. It is available to watch on Fox in Australia. from creating delectable treats to figuring out the contenders’ secrets. The concert is great for all ages and provides something for everyone. Teenagers’ desire to become bakers or chefs is even sparked by it.

Will the second season of the program be more interesting? Will it draw viewers in the same way as the first season? While many new cooking programs on television debut each month. However, Crime Scene Kitchen asserts that it is unique from the competition.

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 Trailer

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 has no trailers yet, according to the show’s creators. Currently, you can view the season 1 trailer below:

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