Connor Flowers Cause Of Death Brother Of ‘Southern Charm’ Star Passes Away At Age 32

What can be gleaned about Conner Flowers, the doer portrayed on his Instagram account, is that he was constantly on the move. Conner’s Instagram feed is a snapshot of a life well-lived, whether he was shooting pool with pals, basking in the sun, or spending time with family.

Conner Flowers, brother of Southern Charm’s Olivia Flowers, has died at the age of 32, it was revealed recently. The details of his tragic end are as follows.

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Connor Flowers Cause Of Death

On January 30, 2023, a former cast member of Southern Charm, Thomas Ravenel, initially reported the news of Conner’s death. The only thing he has ever posted to Instagram was this: “The rarity and extraordinary nature of your existence defy accurate articulation. People who knew you as generous and kind will miss you greatly.


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Thomas placed a caption and four photos of himself and Conner above the caption. There has been no announcement regarding Conner’s cause of death as of this writing. People expressed their sorrow in the comments section as the news spread.

Conner was described as a “funny guy” and a “kind soul” by two people who claimed to know him. Many total strangers shared his grief over his friend’s passing. Because Conner was so young, his death shocked the majority of people. Everyone who knew him loved him.

Conner Flowers’s Obituary Describes A Loving Person

 Conner’s obituary passed away just shy of his 33rd birthday, which would have come on Feb. 9, 2023. He was an “avid golfer” and “full of life” loved by all who knew him. Conner had no trouble making friends anywhere he went. The hours he spent at Texas football and baseball games were some of his favorites.

Conner Flowers's Obituary
Conner Flowers’s Obituary

Conner was a popular guy to hang out with whether the Dallas Mavericks or Cowboys were playing. Under Conner’s obituary, a handful of his pals recalled their times with him. Paraphrasing what Lora Jenkins said: “Meeting Conner was an unforgettable experience. Conner was the first person I’d connected with in Charleston, and he completely swept me off my feet.”

After a short courtship, the two became friends. “My memories of Conner are all positive; his enthusiasm and optimism inspired me. No one else will ever rise to the level of Conner Flowers. “The scribe put pen to paper. Finally, Lora summed up the consensus regarding Conner by saying, “I feel so privileged and thankful to have had the pleasure of knowing him and calling him a friend.”

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