Cody Longo Cause of Death: Passes Away at Age 34

Hollywood Heights and Days of Our Lives star Cody Longo, an actor and singer, has died, according to TMZ. Just one month separated him from turning 35. The three-parent family’s father was located in his Austin, Texas, house on February 8 after his wife Stephanie was unable to contact him, the site claims. Police were called to conduct a welfare check.

Cody was our entire world, as Stephanie affirmed to the New York Post when asked about the tragic news. I am really upset and in pieces with the kids. The best parent and father figure, he was. What took place to cause this awful loss? The cause of death for Cody Longo is currently unknown, although it is listed here.

Cody Longo Cause of Death: Passes Away at Age 34

What was Cody Longo’s cause of death?

Cody Longo’s cause of death has not yet been determined with certainty as of the time of writing, but according to family sources, alcohol is likely to blame, according to TMZ. Cody battled alcoholism for a long time.

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Following a drunken argument with his wife in November 2020, during which he is alleged to have shoved her in the face, he was detained on a domestic assault accusation. Cody entered rehab last summer, but the family source told TMZ that he may have relapsed since then.

Cody Longo leaves behind a wife and three children.

Cody Longo and Stephanie Clark, a dance instructor, and choreographer, were wed in October 2015, the month before Cody Longo’s passing. Lyla, 7, Noah, 5, and Elijah, the couple’s three young children, were born to them (19 months).

Stephanie offered glimpses into her family’s lives on Instagram frequently. For Valentine’s Day 2022, she shared a collection of images and videos, including adorable shots of Cody holding Noah in his arms, posing with Lyla at a dancing competition, and cuddling up to Stephanie’s belly in the hospital while she was expecting.

On “Days of Our Lives” and “Hollywood Heights,” Cody Longo was well-known for his performances.

In the 2009 film adaption of Fame, Cody Longo, who started acting in 2006, received his first significant break. He appeared in eight Days of Our Lives episodes as a grown-up Nikki Alamain in 2011. In the drama Hollywood Heights on Nick at Nite and TeenNick the next year, Cody was cast as Eddie Duran, the lead.

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He continued to act in movies and TV series, but he began to concentrate more on music. His IMDb bio states that in 2014, his song “She Said” helped him into the Billboard Top 100. On other projects, including Hollywood Heights, he also played music and served as a music supervisor.

Fans have been mourning the death of Cody Longo on social media.

Fans have used social media to express their shock and sadness since it was revealed that Cody had passed away. Some people have taken a time to consider his talent while others have remarked on how painful the loss is. Twitter user @shayne davis21 declared: “Hollywood Heights music is superior.” The singing of Cody Longo is exquisite.


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