Cocoa Beach Man Charged With Meeting Child for S*x – Online Predators Pose Threἀt to Children

The arrest of a man in Volusia County who allegedly traveled to meet a 12-year-old girl for s*xual activity sheds light on a rising danger to children.

Justin D’Arienzo, a forensic psychologist said –

“40 percent of kids say they have been contacted by somebody they don’t know.”

Newly released crme statistics for the year 2023 indicate that every day, someone approaches a minor online for s*xual purposes. Unfortunately, the majority of parents are unaware of this phenomenon.

This past weekend, law enforcement was busy pursuing suspected pedophiles and individuals with a s*xual desire for children. In Volusia County, a body camera captured the arrest of 29-year-old Brandon Donato.

He is accused of traveling to have s*xual relations with a 12-year-old girl. Before he was caught, investigators say he had s*x with the minor multiple times. Warren Davis, age 31, was arrested in Jacksonville on seven counts of soliciting a minor for s*x, mΘlestation, and rpe.

While details in this case are limited, both suspects are accused of using the Internet to lure a minor into s*xual activity. This topic is one of expertise for D’Arienzo. According to him, those who appreciate viewing child pΘrnogrphy will frequently seek out children for s*x online.

D’Arienzo said –

“They’re often willing to take that risk or they have a growing s*xual addiction and they’re finally carrying something out.”

According to the most recent data from multiple organizations that monitor pedΘphilia cases and trends online, an estimated 500,000 online predators now pose a daily thret to children. The data indicated that the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to the increase in cases of online enticement.

Cocoa Beach Man Charged With Meeting Child for s*x

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Over eighty percent of juvenile s*x crmes began on the internet. 82% of online predators are males, and only 15% of parents know what their children are doing online. The numbers do not lie, according to Dr. D’Arienzo, and parents must communicate with their children about this peril.

He said –

“I have four children, and I believe they’ve all been contacted by someone, but of course they’ve communicated with me as we maintain an open channel of communication.”

In addition, 40% of children aged 9 to 14 have reported speaking with strangers online. 53% of these same children have given their phone number to a stranger, and 11% have met the stranger in person.

D’Arienzo said –

“They’re getting attention.”

“They may enjoy the experience in a childlike way. But then that becomes so traumatic for them because they have guilt about that experience.”

The data also indicates that role-playing and s*xual conversation are the leading methods for lυring minors. The second most common method is asking children to submit s*xually explicit images, while the third most common method is establishing a friendship.

D’Arienzo said –

“Those are all ways of grooming. I mean there are so many pathways.”

Pathways that, according to experts, predators are willing to exploit even if it means injuring a child. Therefore, law enforcement strongly advises parents to monitor their children’s online activity.

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