Claim to Fame Season 2 Finale: Who Will Win the $100,000 Prize?

The Claim to Fme has consumed our summer to Fame as we try to identify the relationships of the last four participants. On ABC, the scheduling appears to be different. Therefore, we will have to wait to watch the upcoming episode. On ABC tonight, August 21, is Claim to Fame a new show?

Claim to Fame switched hours with The Bachelorette and now airs at 10/9c.

On August 21, 2023, The Bachelorette will air its three-hour season finale. Therefore, Claim to Fame won’t have a new episode.

This implies that two episodes will air simultaneously when the show resumes.

When will ABC air Claim to Fame Season 2, Episode 9?

In episode nine, “Disco Balls and Clue Walls,” it appears that at least one player’s long game will end. On August 28, the program will air on ABC.

“Tensions are high as the final four contestants compete for a coveted spot in the finale,” the narrative reads. During the challenge, one player’s long-game plan and lies are exposed, and the other players must determine what to do with this new information. At 10/9c, this episode will air.

According to the episode 9 preview released after episode 8 ended, Gabriel’s claim that he is connected to a football player will be exposed as a fraud. Will the rest of the family attempt to free him, though? Or will he live to fight another day?

When will ABC air Claim to Fame Season 2, Episode 10?

When will ABC air Claim to Fame Season 2, Episode 10

We won’t have to wait long for the finale after the episode airs. We shall learn who everyone is in “Needle in a Haystack,” the season 2 conclusion, and we will also recognize a few people. Immediately following the conclusion of episode 9, episode 10 will air.

The synopsis claims the competition has reached its height as the finale approaches. The top three race to find information about each player buried in piles of hay with the assistance of previous competitors. The remaining participant stakes their claim to fame as the other two are eliminated. At 11/10c, this episode will be broadcast.

Before the final two episodes of the season air, be sure to watch the show on Hulu to catch up on prior episodes and discover the hints that lead to this point.

‘Claim to Fame’: Who is Still Competing?

The top four contestants from “Claim to Fame” Season 2 are Gabriel, Chris, Monay, and Karsyn. In show 9, one person will be removed, and the last show will feature the final three contestants competing for the $100,000 grand prize.

An official summary of the finale states, “Tensions run high; one player’s long-game strategy is revealed during the first challenge; the final three get assistance from previous competitors in their last race to uncover clues.”

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‘Claim to Fame’: How does it Work?

The players try to discover each other’s identities throughout the show, hosted by pop singer Kevin Jonas and his less well-known brother, Frankie Jonas. As they investigate clues, they are cut off from the outside world and cannot access phones or the internet.

Each episode features a competition between the contestants, who may or may not go by their real names. It is not necessary to reveal the identity of the challenge winner. After that, the group chooses one of the lowest two competitors to serve as the “guesser,” according to Women’s Health magazine.

The guesser must choose a competitor and determine which celebrity relative they are. If they guess correctly, the contestant is sent home; if they assume incorrectly, the celebrity connection is disclosed, and the guesser is sent packing.

A $100,000 prize is awarded to the last individual standing.

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