Christina Applegate Posts Unusual Image To Display “Sexy” Halloween Costume

Not to be missed is Christina Applegate’s alien disguise. Fans of Christina Applegate are going crazy about her Halloween costume; suffice it to say that it was out of this world. The 50-year-old actress shared her Halloween night outfit, which included a life-size inflatable alien, with her fans on Twitter on Tuesday, November 1.

Applegate posed with a chicken and what appears to be a moon witch while dressed in a humorous alien abduction costume that makes her appear to be a young child being held captive by an actual green extraterrestrial.

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The Dead to Me actor tweeted on Tuesday with the phrase, “You don’t know sexy until you are sexy. “Halloween is here! ” This isn’t Applegate’s first encounter with aliens, either; she also appeared in the sitcom Married… with Children, which featured an episode with an alien theme in 1990.

A screenshot from the episode “Married…with Aliens” was shared by a fan of Applegate along with the witty caption, “THEY CAME BACK FOR CHRISTINA!!” Many of Applegate’s admirers were in awe at the epic wardrobe moment, with one tweeting, “QUEEN!! Adored the outfit. As sexy as ever. adore you”

Another said, “You KNOW you’re sexy when aliens are taking you!” Applegate shared this iconic Halloween shot just a few days before announcing that she would be making her first public appearance after being given an MS diagnosis in 2021.

She added that “walking sticks are now part of my new normal”, along with a snapshot of the new walking sticks she received from Neo Walk. The actress admitted to the New York Times that playing Jen Harding on the popular Netflix series Dead to Me through to the end was the most challenging thing she had ever done, despite being diagnosed.

Before the third and last season of the show, she declared, “This is the first time anyone’s going to see me the way I am. “I gained 40 pounds and need a cane to get around. I want people to know that I am acutely conscious of everything.” On Thursday, November 17, Dead to Me Season 3 is expected to be available on Netflix.

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