Chris Rock Ex Wife Net Worth: Why Did They Get Divorced?

Malaak Compton-Rock, the ex-wife of comedian Chris Rock, is a successful businesswoman and philanthropist. Compton-Rock is well known for her philanthropic work, particularly with the Angelrock Project, which she created to aid disadvantaged women and children.

The beauty and wellness industries have benefited from Compton business Rock’s acumen and charity efforts. Compton-sustained Rock’s success in both her business and personal lives after her high-profile divorce from comedian Chris Rock in 2016 have solidified her standing as an influential figure in her own right

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How Much Is Chris Rock Ex Wife Net Worth?

Chris Rock and Malaak Compton-Rock had a contentious divorce. Divorcing with a third kid, as noted by Graziano & Flynn, added another layer of difficulty. Malaak Compton-Rock contended in court that Rock should pay more in child support because Ntombi, the adopted child, was a family member. Rock argued that he shouldn’t have to pay because Ntombi wasn’t his daughter.

As reported by Page Six, Compton-Rock and Rock mutually acknowledged that their prenup had ended. According to the lawsuit, Compton-Rock claimed that Rock owed her money “commensurate with the marital way of living.” Ultimately, she allegedly sought a sizable portion of his then-$70 million fortune. They did not specify numbers, though.

As reported by the New York Post: Afterwards, Rock joked to John Mulaney about how much money he had lost because of his divorce. Rock suggested to Mulaney that he use his ex-divorce wife’s attorney in the divorce proceedings.

Rock quipped on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show that he had lost this much money in his divorce because he had suggested his ex-divorce wife’s lawyer. ‘You should get this person; he’ll get you your money,’ I told them. I got nothing from this person. Therefore he must be good. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to go tonight. You think I’m joking, but I did that.

Who Is Chris Rock Ex Wife?

Malaak Compton-Instagram Rock’s bio includes the title “Mother. Humanitarian. Advocate. International explorer and author. Foodie.” She has two daughters from her relationship with Chris Rock and one daughter whom she adopted from South Africa.

If It Takes a Village, Builds One: How I Found Significance via a Life of Service is her memoir on discovering her purpose by giving back to others. You Can Do It, Too! Compton-Rock explained the book’s focus on personal stories of how service had changed her life and introduced her to some of the world’s most exceptional people in an Instagram post.

It is full of tips and suggestions for making the most of one’s philanthropic profile and giving back in personally rewarding and uplifting ways. Her frequent travels, both for pleasure and on humanitarian missions, are depicted in her images, corroborating her claims.

Compton-Rock is also the creator and head of the non-profit salon StyleWorks, which offers free beauty services to women transitioning off assistance who want to look their best in the workplace.

Chris Rock and Malaak Compton-Rock Get Divorced
Chris Rock and Malaak Compton-Rock Get Divorced

Why did Chris Rock and Malaak Compton-Rock Get Divorced?

In his 2018 Netflix special titled Tambourine, Chris Rock admitted having multiple affairs during their marriage. According to his comments on the special, “When males cheat, it’s like we want something new.

On the other hand, what do you think occurs after that? Your girlfriend has found out and moved on. As a result, she will never be the same. You’ve gone from bad news to good news.

In Conclusion

We’ve got the latest on Chris Rock’s ex-wife net worth right here. A $ million payoff was part of the divorce deal, which she reportedly received. Besides, she has an impressive resume of entertainment accomplishments. Her work earnings, investments, and other financial pursuits may play a role in determining her present net worth.

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