Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date Status: Is It Officially Renewed?

When Chainsaw Man Anime debuted in December 2018 in the pages of Shonen Jump, its action-packed and ultraviolent plot attracted a big following. When manga is prevalent, an anime adaptation is almost always inevitable.

A destitute young guy, Denji, works as a demon hunter to pay off his father’s debts to the yakuza. Chainsaw Man narrates his narrative. Pochita, his Chainsaw Devil dog, is his sole companion and friend.

When the yakuza betray Denji and leave him for dead, he merges with Pochita, transforming him into a human-demon creature. For his bravery in assisting to bring down the notorious Gun Devil, the Public Safety Division offers Denji a position.

Denji’s narrative of vengeance against the yakuza begins here. Denji encounters several other demons and hunters while searching for the Gun Devil. All entangled in their webs of intrigue and drama.

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Chainsaw Man Anime Plot

Due to his father’s passing, Denji inherited a massive debt that he had no method of repaying. To support himself and the Devil dog he rescued and named Pochita, he takes odd jobs and kills Devils on behalf of the Yakuza. Pochita’s chainsaw abilities are useful when facing off against such formidable demons.

Pochita gives his life to save his former master after the Yakuza betrays him and he is killed by the Zombie Devil. Denji has been reborn as a devil-human chimera. His new profession is Chainsaw Man. His status as a Devil prompts Makima to hastily enlist him in the Public Safety Devil Hunters or risk having him killed.

Denji is slaying Devils and working with other bizarre Devil Hunters for the first time in his life, but he is still struggling to figure out what he wants out of life and to make genuine connections with other people.

Chainsaw Man Anime Cast

Chainsaw Man Anime Cast
Chainsaw Man Anime Cast


young dude with untidy blonde hair, sharp yellowish brown eyes with bags under, and keen fangs. When his father dies, he is left with a large debt to the yakuza, which he must pay back. To repay his debt to Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil, he joins the ranks of the Devil Hunters.

His heart has been replaced with Pochita’s, who sets a contract with Denji to live out his desires for regular life. To become Chainsaw Man, he must pull a string on his chest after this transformation.

After meeting Makima, he becomes a Public Safety Devil Hunter to have a decent life. Makima is the driving force behind his actions.


Head of Public Safety Division 4, a strange woman, keeps Denji like a pet. Attracting Denji with promises of a romantic relationship while threatening to exterminate him for disobedience, Makima holds Denji in her clutches with her cunning, intelligence, and cunningness.

For a significant portion of the novel, it’s unclear what she’s trying to accomplish or if she’s doing it for the right reasons. As it turns out, she is The Chainsaw Man’s Control Devil, and her goal is to use the Chainsaw Man to bring about a world free of pain and misery.

This is why she is responsible for Denji’s tragedies throughout the show. As a result of Denji’s murder, she reincarnates as a kid named Nayuta, who he raises to be a better person.

Characters Voice Actors
Pochita Ikue Otani
Denji Nobuhiko Okamoto
Makima Yoko Hikasa
Power Sumire Uesaka
Aki Takahiro Sakurai
Himeno Kana Hanazawa
Hirokazu Yoshimasa Hosoya
Kobeni Yumi Uchiyama

Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date

Crunchyroll and MAPPA did inform fans to expect news coming in August at an Anime Expo panel, even though no release date has been disclosed, and it is unknown when that date will be released. Could this be the day of the release? Only time will tell.

The Anime Trending Twitter account, which was covering the session, made this announcement. Furthermore, it advised readers to “keep tuned to Crunchyroll Expo 2022, slated for August 5-7 in San Jose,” adding that more information would be revealed shortly.

So it appears that the release date and perhaps another trailer will be announced during Crunchyroll Expo. Chainsaw Man is running out of time to inform folks if the show is set to premiere in October as anticipated.

Chainsaw Man Anime Trailer

Here is no trailer for Chainsaw Man Anime. Let’s watch and enjoy the past trailer of the anime.

Where to Watch Chainsaw Man Anime?

Chainsaw Man will air on Crunchyroll in the US and other Western countries, and it has been confirmed. At this time, no additional information about the transmission of Chainsaw Man has been made available. Keep checking back as we’ll update this page with any new information.

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