Carol Burnett Net Worth: How Else Does Carol Burnett Make Money?

Carol Burnett turned 90 in 2023, and her wealth reflects her long and successful career in the entertainment industry. But her origins were humble at best.

Carol Burnett Net Worth

Carol Burnett is a multitalented American entertainer who has amassed a net worth of $45 million. Carol Burnett has had a successful career in show business for nearly 60 years. Burnett’s breakthrough work in American television and comedy has cemented her reputation as a multifaceted genius.

Her most famous work is the variety sketch show “The Carol Burnett Show,” which ran from 1967 until 1978. The show broke ground in several ways, including having a female host, which paved the way for subsequent generations of women in the comedy industry.

How Else Does Carol Burnett Make Money?

Carol has starred in several other popular shows in addition to the timeless classic she helped create, including The Lucy Show, Annie, Carol & Company, Mad About You, and others.

Several TV specials over the years garnered her production and writing credentials. The Better Call Saul star has written many memoirs, some of which have audiobook companions that have been nominated for Grammys.

Carol Burnett’s Real Estate Transactions

Carol Burnett's Real Estate Transactions

Carol Burnett spent $2 million to buy a home with a view of the beach in Montecito, California 1999. She then had her one-story, 5,000-square-foot home completely renovated, starting with the kitchen. Speculation at the time claimed that Burnett would make the property her permanent residence.

Oprah Winfrey purchased a $50 million Montecito mansion in 2001. Journalists coined this phenomenon, “the Oprah effect” to describe how it prompted nearby homeowners to list their properties for exorbitant rates. Carol Burnett is one such property owner who put her Montecito mansion up for sale for $36 million. Carol Burnett reportedly stayed in her Montecito house for several years after she had tried to sell it.

Burnett received $5.58 million for the sale of her Trump Tower condo in 2008. The expansive two-bedroom apartment overlooks Central Park.

Carol Burnett spent $1.2 million on a Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, condo in 2002. For a cool $4.2 million, she’s offering to sell her condo in October 2022. In April of 2023, she made a sale of this condo for $3.7 million.

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