Can You See Us Netflix: Who is in the Can You See Us Movie?

The addition of Can You See Us on Netflix has generated a lot of curiosity; in light of this, we’ve compiled all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not to watch the film.

Netflix has continued to release weekly must-see material throughout the month of August, with the latest being “Who is Erin Carter?”, Sports fans have been devouring Untold’s documentaries on YouTube stars Jake Paul and Johnny Football, and that’s not even including Depp v. Heard, Painkiller, Ballers, etc.

Can You See Us, a film from 2022, has just been released on the streaming service and has generated a lot of buzz thanks to great word of mouth.

So, here’s the lowdown on Can You See Us, and whether or not it’s worth your time.

To explain the Plot of Can You See Us?

The first full-length Zambian film to be shown on Netflix, Can You See Us follows a little kid with albinism in Zambia.

Watch the trailer below:

An albino boy, abandoned by his father at birth, faces bullying, tragedy, and cautious hope as he grows up in this coming-of-age story.

Producer Yasmin Dodia-Mumba said in a statement (via What Kept Me Up) that having a film on Netflix meant a lot to her because “it is the first feature film out of Zambia to be on the platform.” I’m crossing my fingers that this will pave the way for other Zambian and African filmmakers to push the envelope even farther.

It’s a “film that challenges preconceived notions, explores the depths of human connection, and delves into the complexities of perception,” as the film’s director, Kenny Roc Mumba, put it. It exemplifies the positive effects of welcoming the out-of-the-ordinary. Our hope is that by sharing this story, we will help people have a better understanding of albinism and the challenges faced by people who have it.

Who is in the Can You See Us Movie?

The cast of Can You See Us consists of:

  • A. Thabo Kaamba
  • Elliot Kondwani
  • Dr. Robert Nyirenda
  • Sikazwe George
  • F. M. Muchangwe, Francisca

Thabo Kaamba, who plays the film’s central boy, is actually a young girl who was born with albinism. On the set of Ubuntu Season 2, she met Yoweli, a local Zambian filmmaker, who eventually encouraged her to try out for Can You See Us.

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Should I Sit Through Can You See Us?

Can You See Us has been well received, however, there is currently no Rotten Tomatoes score available.

The Midgard Times said that instead of heaping praise on the actors, the film’s success comes from its “artful portrayal of life’s rawness.”

It’s a celebration of the human spirit and its ability to persevere through adversity, find order in disorder, and leave its mark on the world. A story-driven symphony whose impact lasts long after the final chord has been played.

My Afrika Magazine also wrote: “It is both an inspirational and aspirational story of self-discovery and diversity. The emotional appeal of the movie tugs at the heartstrings of every human and ignites a mindset change towards our brothers and sisters living with albinism globally. The story cuts across cultural, religious, racial, and ethnicity barriers.”

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