Buckingham Palace Unveils New Monogram For Queen Consort

In a gorgeous velvet blue dress and knot brooch, Queen Camilla made her entrance. Her stunning diamond jewelry held a secret meaning and particular significance. Team GB medalists from the Tokyo Olympics were hosted by Queen Camilla and King Charles on November 2, 2022. The Queen Consort once again wore a unique brooch with deep symbolic meaning.

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The delicate diamond knot brooch worn by the Queen Consort is a lovely piece of jewelry. Diamond specialists at the jeweler Steven Stone disclosed the potential value of the brooch as well as what it might signify. The knot brooch, according to the gemologists, has two carats of diamonds that are knotted together.

They put the brooch’s price at an exquisite $15,000 (around £13,400). Even while the brooch has monetary value, it also has deeper symbolic meanings. In fact, the Steven Stone specialists claimed that the brooch “oozes with sentiment.” According to Maxwell Stone, Camilla’s delicate knot brooch is a particularly meaningful piece.

It is embellished with tiny diamonds. The day following the tragic loss of Queen Elizabeth II, it was her first brooch as Queen Consort. Why did Camilla pick this piece the day after the Queen passed away when the royals, especially royal ladies, are drawn to wearing meaningful items?

The diamond-studded stone, which has been fashioned into a knot, is bursting with symbolism, according to Maxwell. “For thousands of years, this shape has been linked to love, devotion, harmony, and unbreakable ties.”

Since Camilla is familiar with brooches, she might have chosen any of them to wear on her first official day as Queen Consort. She might have selected it, nevertheless, to demonstrate her dedication to her new regal position or to symbolize a nation mourning the Queen together.

Camilla’s brooch can stand for a united nation supporting the squad on the less solemn occasion of hosting the GB Tokyo Olympic medalists. Camilla has worn this unique brooch on more occasions, including the annual Christmas Day Service at Sandringham in 2019.

Not only has Camilla wore this diamond knot brooch since the Queen’s passing, but she has also worn other meaningful items. She hasn’t been seen wearing her Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra bracelet in recent times. The four blue four-leaf clovers on the gold bracelet are a design that primarily represents luck.

According to the official description, these lucky symbols are “inspired by the clover leaf” and are bordered by golden beads. This bracelet may be worn by Camilla to mark the beginning of her husband’s reign or to mark her own promotion to the position of Queen Consort.

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