Are Brooke And Cru Still Together From Back In The Groove?

Are Brooke And Cru Still Together? Filmed at the so-called Groove Hotel in the Dominican Republic, the series finale showed co-lead Brooke Mora, 43, getting her groove back with 30-year-old Cru Eaton.

Back in the Groove is a new reality dating show on Hulu that follows three single women in their 40s as they try to find “the perfect fling, friendship, true love, or something in between” with men “half their age.” It had been over six months since filming concluded when the Hulu series launched in December 2022, so here’s an update on Brooke And Cru.

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Are Brooke And Cru Still Together?

Because of Gary’s departure, Brooke and Cru became closer than ever before. Her sister, who came to the Groove Hotel to show her support, was also impressed by Cru’s dedication to Brooke and grateful for his help. And after an unforgettable evening in the last episode, Brook and Cru checked out of The Groove Hotel as a couple and spent the night at Brook’s apartment.

In terms of their current status, we don’t know much because, like most people, Brooke and Cru want to keep their private lives out of the spotlight. Although they appear to be in close contact with the other members of the cast of “Back In The Groove” and to regularly provide glimpses into their daily lives, we have yet to see them appear on each other’s social media pages.

Brooke did, however, emphasize Cru’s role in her healing by simply being himself on the show, and the two afterwards made an eternal pact to be each other’s “strengths.” And after all that they went through and the remarkable dedication they showed, we have every reason to believe they are still together. As of this writing, no definite information is available, but we remain hopeful.

Brooke and Cru’s Back In The Groove Journey

Trainer Brooke Mora, a native of Los Angeles, California, turned 42 during filming. She claimed to have been damaged multiple times in relationships before to the current one, and as a result, she had unwittingly erected barriers between herself and potential partners. Thus, she had a hard time trusting others and was wary of giving her all to a partner for fear of being hurt again.

But Cru, a 30-year-old tattoo artist from Provo, Utah, said he preferred ladies a little bit further along in years because of their self-assurance and certainty. In addition, Cru anticipated that a relationship with an older lady would be stable and free of conflict. Cru fell hard for Brooke the moment they met, and he knew he had to win her over quickly to have any chance of keeping his feelings to himself.

During the first mixer, he didn’t hesitate to grab her and spend some quiet time together away from the other revelers. This strategy, together with his careful attention to detail and his willingness to share personal information with her, left a lasting impression on Brooke. It was during this intimate one-on-one that Cru finally felt comfortable enough to ask for her hand in marriage.

Brooke and Cru’s Back In The Groove Journey
Brooke and Cru’s Back In The Groove Journey

Despite Cru’s sadness, Brooke continued to pursue other potential romantic interests in the days that followed. The Utahn did his best to maintain a presence, but she made it apparent that experience had taught her to think things through before acting. During this time, she also grew close to Josh Taylor; but, when he became envious of her relationship with Cru and attempted to break them up, she decided it was time to distance herself from him.

Despite this, Brooke was open to new experiences and ideas, which is why she connected so well with Gary and Matt Booher. Cru, her personal trainer, noticed very immediately that these friendships had driven a wedge between her and her client. Los Angeles native shared a passionate experience with Matt around this time but ultimately decided her true love lay with her tattoo artist.

So, Brooke wanted to see how committed Cru was, so she suggested they get matching tattoos, an idea Cru enthusiastically embraced. After learning about these tattoos, Gary realized where his interests lay and voluntarily quit watching the show.


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Where Is Brooke Mora Now?

With wisdom gained from her past experiences, Brooke Mora went into the show with the intention of considering all of her alternatives. She bonded with Cru Eaton, Matt Booher, and Gary, but ultimately elected to get matching tattoos with Cru, which gave Gary quite the spotlight all on his own.

In addition, she followed her intuition and got rid of Matt, which allowed her and Cru to check out of the hotel together. Although Brooke has been tight-lipped about her relationship, we may assume they are still together given the intensity of their on-screen chemistry and the fact that Brooke’s sister recognized and valued Cru’s emotions.

In addition, Brooke is a personal trainer and fitness model living in Los Angeles, California. The best of luck to her in the future; it’s great to see her happy and healthy among her pals.


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Where Is Cru Eaton Now?

While Cru Eaton was eager to meet new people and make relationships, he fell hard for Brooke Mora at the first mixer of the season and pursued her relentlessly. Due to Cru’s apparent warmth and careful nature, Brooke warmed to his attention, and the two became close.

Cru was crushed when Brooke started getting close to other people, such Gary and Matt Booher, after she chose to start dating around. Nonetheless, she decided to leave the hotel with Cru and get matching tattoos with him.

Cru, who had been looking forward to a bright future with Brooke, appears to have returned to his active lifestyle in Provo, Utah, where he is surrounded by friends. Even though Cru devotes a lot of his time to sports and exercise, he has posted photos of himself and Brooke on social media, leading us to believe that the two are still together.

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