Breaking Down All The Tim Burton And Addams Family References In Wednesday

Breaking Down All The Tim Burton And Addams Family References In Wednesday: Without Easter eggs, what is a Tim Burton production? They abound in the new series “Wednesday,” including references to Tim Burton-related TV shows, motion pictures, and other media. For those who are familiar with the past iterations, production designer Mark Scruton has infused the Netflix series with amusing references.

In the “Addams Family” spinoff, Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday Addams, who is sent to Nevermore Academy to learn how to control her new psychic skills and solve a murder case involving her family’s history. Throughout the eight-part series, there are countless hints and references, such as teasers in the opening credits, the town of Jericho, where the “normies” reside, storefronts like the florist, cobbler, and thrift store straight out of Charles 

Addams’ original cartoons, plus a shrunken head in Principal Weems’ office, a reference to “Beetlejuice.” Here are some that were observed.

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In an interview with Variety, Scruton disclosed that the Weathervanes coffee shop, which Wednesday and the Nevermore students frequent, had vintage Tim Burton teases. On the wall, many metal weathervanes have been screwed. They were created by Scruton as a nod to Burton’s previous films, specifically the Headless Horseman from “Sleepy Hollow” and Willy Wonka’s hat.

Pilgrim World

Wednesday despises anything having to do with colonialism and the pilgrims. When Wednesday is moved to her new school, Nevermore, she discovers that Pilgrim World is the closest amusement facility.

A reference to the theme park can be found in the sequel to “Addams Family Values,” in which Wednesday and her brother Pugsley are transported to Camp Chippewa. The first Thanksgiving celebration held by the pilgrims is burned to the ground, and neither can stand there, especially Wednesday.

Pilgrim World
Pilgrim World

Two Snaps

Ever observant, Wednesday finds out A secret society exists at Nevermore Academy. When Christina Ricci’s Marilyn Thornhill stands in front of the entrance, viewers first become aware that it connects to a secret corridor. The entrance can be opened with just two finger snaps. The sound of the two snaps is reminiscent of the Addams Family theme song, which includes the recognizable finger-clicking.


Wednesday picking up an archery bow is a further allusion to “Addams Family Values.” Pugsley and Wednesday demonstrate their proficiency with arrows in the Barry Sonnenfeld film. Pugsley kills a bald eagle in the United States as Wednesday reads a letter from Uncle Fester.


Gargoyles in the quad, according to Scruton, hold a significant clue to the series. There is a significant story point hidden in the gargoyles’ references to various characters.

Pugsley’s Introduction

Pugsley, Wednesday’s brother, is introduced to the audience for the first time in the movie as she shoots an arrow at him while tying him up and placing an apple in his mouth. When Wednesday opens her locker in the pilot, she finds Pugsley (Isaac Ordonez) chained up with an apple in his mouth. The series of events that send Wednesday to Nevermore Academy is started by this.

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