Bre Selling Sunset Net Worth: How Rich is She Now in 2023?

Bre Tiesi enters the Selling Sunset scene bragging about her first real estate deal, which brought around $17 million. Since then, Bre has kept crushing it, and because of her astounding sales, fans are interested in learning more about her net worth.

It’s reasonable to assume that Bre enters the Netflix series with a confident demeanor. In Selling Sunset season 6 episode 1, she says: “I don’t think The O Group is ready for me.” The brunette bombshell claims that she never accepts a salary of less than $15 million and that athletes and billionaires are among her clientele.

Bre Selling Sunset Net Worth: How Rich is She Now in 2023?

Bre Tiesi’s estimated net worth

Bre Tiesi obtained her real estate broker’s license in 2017, although she didn’t begin practicing until 2021. During Selling Sunset season 6 episode 1, Chelsea Lazkani tries to give Bre some advice since she had recently joined the Oppenheim Group and says: “Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get any business in the first year.”

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Bre then inquired about Chelsea’s salary, to which she said, “$9.2 million in my first year; I was very fortunate. Bre retorted that in her first year as an agent, she earned $20 million. Bre’s net worth is reportedly estimated to be $6 million by Distractify.

Selling Sunset star keeps cards close to her chest

It is obvious that Bre, who was born in Calabasas, hangs out with some very wealthy people.
The Netflix actor kept her contacts a secret, calling them “insane.” Chelsea was curious to learn more about what Bre stood for, but she kept her identity a secret. She only stated that her clients are “athletes and people working in the entertainment industry.”

Bre previously wed a famous football player.

Bre was wed to Johnny Manziel, an American football player, from 2018 to 2021. The quarterback’s estimated 2023 net worth is $6 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Bre is about being her boss; she now has a child to support. In 2022, the Selling Sunset actress and Nick Cannon welcomed a son named Legendary Love Cannon.

How old is Bre from Selling Sunset?

The most recent cast member to be revealed to viewers on Selling Sunset is 32-year-old Breana Tiesi. Bre has made previous appearances on reality television, including on programs like Love & Listings, WAGS, and Nick Cannon’s enduring program Wild’ N Out. On OnlyFansTV, Bre has also hosted her workout program, Elevate with Bre.

Relationship status between Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi

Season 6 of Selling Sunset opens with Bre having recently given birth to her first child with actor Nick Cannon. Bre is horrified to learn that Nick has welcomed another child with someone else, even though it is later made clear that the couple is in an open relationship.

By the end of the series, their relationship appeared to have crumbled, but they now appear to have resolved their issues. Bre published a birthday celebration Instagram post on May 5, 2023, showing Nick Cannon had gotten her a ton of gifts. “Yesterday was just WOW,” she gushed to her followers. Despite my adamant refusal to celebrate this year, Daddy had other plans, even coming from Ireland.

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What I discovered when I woke up still shocks me. “@nickcannon, I am speechless. I was forced to sit here, look at it, and sob bitterly. You always go the extra mile! We adore you a lot! I would feel like a nasty bitch now if I didn’t already. We’re more than good over here. Love you, Dad! She said beside another shot on May 21. After the show, Bre talked openly about their relationship, saying: “I think that, indeed, there’s some drama that is, let’s say, dramatized.

“There’s part of my personal life in a circumstance that happens with Nick and all of these things that are not quite accurate, but I’m not sure what word to use with this one. “So I believe that some of what I’m not happy or excited about is happening.” Bre previously wed athlete Johnny Manziel in 2018, but their marriage is alleged to have ended the following year.

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